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Amy, How did how did your staff pick all these great places? You know, we, um we thought about what would be the perfect way to celebrate. You know the summer coming out of the pandemic, And it was really the dishes in Chicago that have endured. We Book. Traditions that were, you know, has been available for at least 10 years. But many of them have been available much much longer. And you know, there's the dishes that we go back for time and time again that have really made a mark on the city's culinary since you've got appetizers, main courses and desserts. Let's go through some of these, starting with the rib eye steak at Jean and George Jetties. Well, you talk about iconic. That place has been around since The forties. So I'm glad you highlighted it because they're still going strong, aren't they? They are, you know, a visit to Jean and George studies. Every moment of that is iconic and you know the rib eye. There is just so delicious that we thought it was. It was really perfect to include in this issue. And you liked or your people there in Chicago, like chicken Vesuvio at the village, and this is one of those places that you hear about it and you think? Wait a minute. There's still there on West Monroe, but they are are thick. They are still there. They're still serving up Italian classics and, you know we wanted to include chicken, the studio. It's very Chicago death, and one of the dining writers said that you know what? This version just nails it. So, um, you know, it really feels like it's a dish that belongs to this issue. I love Chinese food who doesn't and you've got a couple of places on the list that I want to ask you about. First of all, you mentioned the chef's special, dry chili chicken dish at lousy, Sean. And they have multiple locations. So if if a restaurant, uh, had more than one spot you didn't eliminate them, did you? No, we didn't. You know, Some of the restaurants included whether it's lost the Schwann or Portillo Zorlu Malnati is there is so many locations, which I think also, you know, just kind of is a testament to what an important part of the city's financing they are. I would have been, I would have liked to have been on your staff. Given this assignment did did your Did your dining people just eat like crazy for a month? How did that work? We did it. Um, you know, it's running around the city, trying different dishes and, you know, just making sure that things are as delicious as we remembered, and, uh You know, I won one dish I wrote about was the Polish sausage that express grill and, you know, just picking up the sausage and eating it over the car chart was just like a very fun afternoon. I'll bet I like my egg rolls. We've talked about egg rolls a lot on this broadcast, and I thought I knew all the great egg rolls around here. Within about a 50 mile radius of the city. But I must confess, I've never been into this restaurant on Irving Park, the Orange Garden, which and you can tell by the signage. They haven't changed in decades. And you guys pick their egg rolls as as a great Chicago dish, didn't you? We did You know, they have a little bit of peanut butter, which is a very Chicago addition to an egg roll. Orange garden is an icon in itself. You know, if you determined by it looks absolutely unchanged, The neon is still still blazing from the window. Um, and it's it's a very classic old school Chinese restaurant of the Admirals are particularly good. I am going to have to try those because a lot of people around here miss the old Peking House, P nutty girl you're going to. You're going to start a lot of fights with with pizza picks. But the one you guys liked in the far South side. They've been around a long time, and they're great. Vito and Nick's and your staff selected their thin crust sausage pizza. We did You know, Vito and next was such an institution And you know, we felt like they're thin Cross sauces is the way to go there. Um, um, one of our writers who wrote this one up and she grew up very close, uh to the restaurant, and you know, it's such an iconic part of her childhood and I have made the visit down there to have those very pizza and it's really memorable. It is and you know what? During the pandemic. That's the kind of place that you always worried about, hoping they would survive. And thankfully they have, haven't they? Absolutely. Yes. And the second hockey at Greek Islands was your selection for this, Uh, famous dish, And I think I remember something about this actually being invented in Chicago. Is that Is that true? Do you know that? That's true Sagen. AKI, you know he didn't out in Greektown you've seen the flaming to use was invented at the person on restaurant, which is a restaurant that has since closed by the dish has become You know, such an incredible part of, um Greek Greek venues and in Chicago and even beyond, um, and the Greek islands, for sure, you know. Keeps the magic going. Yeah, they're in Lombard now, too. This breaded steak sandwich. That major list of Chicago's iconic EADS. Uh now I've been reading about this place for a long time. Never been there. Uh, tell me about this is it Is it How do you pronounce it? RICO Beans. Rico bat is Rico. Bennis? Yeah, Yeah, This is, um, really hefty sandwich. It's absolutely delicious. It's breaded skirt steak, um, in a a red gravy that you know there's Jordan Gara. So it's spicy. There's mozzarella, so it's really gooey. It is a really delicious sandwich. Rico Bennis and they're in Bridgeport on West 26th Street going to have to try that because people grave about that place and top notch beef burgers, Another place that people swear by these hamburgers. Your staff selected the patty Melt. They like that. How come Um, you know, it was, um All right. The same writer who wrote about Vito and Nick's also grew up eating this Patty melts a top notch and says that, you know the right, um, it's so crispy and buttery that it's the perfect pairing for the the burger with the cheese and grilled onions. And this is top of my list to go try. Yeah, and it's good that you have the Southside locations the Southside places because There's sort of a feeling that all the great spots on the North side but that is not not so cation point top notch over there on West 95th in Beverly. And again, you. You don't discriminate among chains because you like Portillo's chocolate cake, don't you? I do, like Port Hills chocolate cake. Um, that is just as delicious lace of super chocolatey cake. Um and you know you can get a slice. You can get a whole cake to go. You can get a turned into a cake Shake. Um If you're looking for something really over the top, But I think that you know Portillo's is a is a Chicago institution. Then the cake is my theory. Stick their my sources report that the secret ingredient in that cake is mayonnaise. Have you heard that? I have heard that. Yeah. Yeah, it is very moist and talking about desserts. Margie's Candies, certainly an iconic spot over there in Western Avenue. And the hot fudge sundae was was the dish featured in the special edition of Chicago magazine? I imagine your your people went through a lot of desserts, but they like the hot fudge sundae best, I guess. We did? Yeah, our writer who went to have it just, you know, loved how you know the nostalgic feel of going to Mars. It is and what's more classic than a hot fudge sundae and it comes in a little boat on the side. So it's a really good summer Treat. Amy Kevin. I was a dining editor for Chicago magazine, and the editors put together this special issue. Chicago's iconic Eats, which is available now 50 local.

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