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Would it have been as interested in you for me? It would have I can't speak for Andy. For me. I'm still in shock at the opportunities that I have Robotech is a property that I loved I loved this series growing up. So yeah, for me, the creative would've driven me to do that regardless of whether maybe it was less financial situation. But I think it's something we're all going to face some developing more, original stuff. It's a big conversation with filmmakers. Do you want the ethical or not does it matter? Does it have to be the actual experience and every writer is gonna have to make their own choice. I'm kind of curious what you guys think just a heat to do the applause meter. But if you think that something means more because it's an theater as opposed to being on a streaming platform. Please applaud could means more. No. If you think you don't really care one way or the other whether it comes through streaming platform and television, or it's and theater, please applaud. Interesting. Now, you do that six years ago? That's everybody in the first applause. No one in the second. So so I'm here at the Austin film festival, but I'm also here at the Texas book festival which happens to be the same weekend. And so for Arlo Finch, I'm doing all the book events for that. And so this morning at seven twenty in the morning a van picked me up, and I went to grade school, and I talked to three hundred kids about our thin should slide show. It was great. I'm really tired now. But I asked the same question. And so there's been a lot of talk about so like really do arlift inches a movie or as a TV series? And so I pulled the audience I did the same thing. You don't let kids clap you had to have to raise their hand quietly. And so I asked them so should Arlo Finch B movie or a Netflix show, and it was really evenly split. So I'm glad that some of the kids knew what a movie was movie theater. A recurring tov it. We'll be topic on scripts for the next however long, we do the show is what is the movie is we talked about like a movie of a piece of entertainment. About two hours long. That is a one time story probably because right now, we have these definitions of what a movie is versus what a TV movie is for Netflix, which are just ridiculous. Don't bash reality cultural. It's not just the responsibility of the people making the stuff or the people distributing the stuff because you know, what I would say is as a person who is a diehard believer in the theatrical experience. It's just what I love. But to look at it and say that it's really the responsibility of people who write about movies people who talk about movies, for example, right now, I would say, and this may be changing really fast that I'd say right now a show TV show on net flicks. There's no difference in the culture between a TV show on Netflix on a TV show anywhere else. It is not less than it is not different than it just is for some reason. And I think it's because maybe the critical establishment or maybe the the press doesn't treat them the same a movie that's on net. Netflix is not quite the same. And that can change. That just takes the culture changing to kind of embrace and treat them the same way..

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