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15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward 6 45 Dave Preston talk in caps, and you can't go on beating on a road trip if you don't win that first game capital start the swing with a fortnight shutout of Arizona Dylan strom scoring twice against his former team, known as more but our team, tough loss last game, so just nice to come on the road and start the road trip off on the right foot and I guess your old team's always a little bit of a bonus. It was a homecoming night of sorts Darcy Kemper also used to play for the coyotes and he stops 26 shots and route to his league leading 5th shutout of the season men's college basketball, Maryland beats Michigan, 64 50 HMR young scores 15 of his 26 points in the second half for coach Kevin Willard. I just think he's starting to get a little bit more comfortable with not selling to be on the perimeter, which I thought, even though he was playing well in the beginning of the year, I thought he's just, I think he's gotten more comfortable just being a more aggressive. 18 days after allowing 32 points and 12 rebounds to hunter Dickinson, the terps hold the Alexandria Virginia native to 19 and ten, James Madison over Troy 89 87, the duke's improved to 5 and four in the sunbelt conference off the court Potomac native and to matha graduate Mike bray announces he'll be stepping down at Notre-Dame at the end of the season, the former Delaware coach is in his 23rd season with the fighting Irish. Women's basketball 11th ranked Maryland tufts Wisconsin 77 60 for their 8th win in 9 games, Australian open tennis, DMV product, Francis tiafoe in the third round trails, 18th seed Karen catching off two sets to one they're tied at 6 in the fourth set. Women's number one seed iga schwan tech advances. Dave Preston WTO sports. It's 6 46. There is not much left that's still open at Lake Forest mall in Gaithersburg. And now we're learning the mall will permanently close at the end of March and then later be demolished. Many are wondering what will eventually take its place. After late forest while closes, its owner WRS real estate investments hopes to demolish it as soon as possible. But financing has to be worked at first, and so does the rezoning and redevelopment process. Submitted plans call for turning the space where the mall is into residential and commercial uses with green space. At a city council meeting on Tuesday, residents share their thoughts on what they'd like to see in the redevelopment, including Adama, Musa aruna. Would like to see more access to affordable housing, irrigation center. 8th grade student Sarah Mina asaro wants the development to include space for her and her peers. I would really want us to use space like a community center. And the new building. Stetson Miller, WTO, P news. Union membership in the U.S. has reached an all time low. That's despite high profile unionization campaigns at major companies like Starbucks, Amazon and Apple. The federal government says the percentage of U.S. workers who belong to a union dropped from 10.3% in 2021 to 10.1% in 2022, more than 33% of public sector workers are union members compared with 6% of private sector workers. Coming up the top stories we're following for you this hour. The march for life returns to the district today for the first time since the Supreme Court rolled back national abortion rights. If getting parking tickets ruins your day, there are a couple of stretches of road in the district where you'll want to be extra careful. The Washington auto show opens to the public today and runs for ten days. Stay here with WTO for more on these top stories in just minutes. 6 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s what are you watching Jack Taylor? Right now we're keeping an eye on the beltway and prince George's county outer loop we'd had some heavy traffic near the John Hanson highway, the rack had been reported up near four 50. Annapolis wrote along the left side of the roadway. Then we've got some slowing, topside out loop from 95 over to Georgia avenue and a little bit slower now in the beltway inner loop south of town, near two ten, headed toward the Wilson bridge. Two 70s fine, north and south between Bethesda and Frederick should find nothing in your way, shady grove road northbound, over two 70, crash clean up along the left side. Great Seneca highway northbound before Lakeland's drive, that wreck was along the right side in upper Marlboro careful inbound Pennsylvania avenue after woodyard road, that right shoulder that becomes a through lane. That's where we have a broken down vehicle. 50 in Chevrolet, a delay westbound near two O two headed toward northeast, the trouble is actually east on 50 at Columbia park road, the wreck is along the right side of the roadway. Looking quiet across the ICC so far so good. Into Virginia, there was a wreck on the northbound George Washington Parkway near the key bridge, slowest traffic though, is riding north of the overlooks toward one 23 where you've got to work zone in place. The valley is a bit heavy on the inner loop around Braddock road up toward two 36, an unusual delay building quickly on three 95, headed north in the main line, passing king street headed toward glebe road, 95, not too bad, a little bit of a delay in woodbridge headed north and were heavy. Norton into newington, you'll find Dale boulevard west, the ramp to 95 south at an earlier crash just a single lane there

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