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After having lived in Italy for a short period of time, I can promise you, there are no slices of tomatoes on logorrhoea Peterson, Lynette. All them to her Margarita pizza, which is pretty rough. Yeah. An American thing they do because they list. Yeah, and Italy when they list the ingredients, it's just tomato cheese and bail. And so they come over here assuming the that already ingredient just like the bread that's not listed and then add on top of it. So it is when you order from an American place, Margarita pizza, it will come with the tomato slice on in some cases. Well, if it's run by a proper Italian, probably because right would never do that. It's actually called the complete. They had extra on. It's a totally different people. All right. But if you go Pizza Hut, Margarita pizza, you'll probably. Yeah, max. Your case for because I feel like you're adding to things that don't really add anything to appeal, but go ahead. What do you make the case for for what. Traditional talion Margarita pizza. Tomato sauce. Let's days on top of that. Make the case, sell it to. All right. Just. Winning the name. Landed a piece of basil on on a piece of cheese pizza, which is fine. But that's neither here, nor there went in a world where you can get meatballs and sausage, and peppers and onion, and that stuff. It's kind of like watching him one of those cooking shows iron chef. But like one of those top chef or whatever it was years ago, and one point like Tom clicky, just make me on that. Make me kick ass omelette ozzy's are all accomplished chefs. We're trying to reach that suit like superstar level. But like the Margareta pizzas like the omelette of pizzas like you need a kick ass basic pizza and then you can do all the the fancy this you want, but you gotta make that kick ass. Pizza, Dylan. Okay. Question that what you want me to. So when they prepare it in Italy is like slabs of Torello cheese does not cover the entire pizza is placed in very specific spot, usually have one full piece on his life wherever it is and then they're in bingo. I don't think you'll be a wholly usually it's. Maybe chopped up for shredded. But if the concentration of the flavors, especially if you get the buffalo mozzarella, that's totally different thing from a different region of Italy, and it's really good, and it's just the moon. And let me say this, I will add the to the group of guys can't hang with the guys who went and go, oh, and Tokyo they're sushi is n- you've even had. Sushi I know you're eating American, you know, you fill in the blank of the city or the country, and then I get to be the fuck and defacto extra in the room about because I've been there and you've never been, and that's when I do the surprise even to Tokyo. No, never traveled. Not been a narrow. I've never actually never. No, never wants to any sitting. Japan actually know including Tokyo thing, clear about that. No, never wants to save. Not been. I've not ever been Tokyo. Okay. So I'm the fucking brain in this room. I love sushi. Well, what you call sushi I call because they would spit it out into their hand and then throw it at you. Yes, I've been. Have you never been once? Never one, never. Once. Did you see that movie loss and translation? I did that. Have you ever been there? No, not the place where never never been okay..

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