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Cone ring releasing `second we should feel the parachutes deploy the do not steal their stomachs drop as their modules sharply decelerate S- There now floating down on parachutes outside the command module windows they can see the flat Expanse of the Pacific Ocean and in the distance and approaching ship coming to retrieve them being leans back and breathes a sigh of relief compared to his last re entry on Apollo twelve this was a rough one but after fifty nine days and eleven hours in space they're finally home slater. Their module is bobbing like cork in the waves of the Pacific being takes off his helmet and turns to his crewmates Owen Jack Thank you for all your hard work it's mission has been the highlight of my career and I hope of yours too I was Ma surprised highlight really but you walked on the Moon and we brought back a few rocks this mission accomplished much more than that we should all be proud Skylab I crew who were up for just a month readjusted to life on earth fairly quickly but for being loud and Gary recovering from a two month stay in space is not so easy their legs are wobbly they have walking in a straight line they've lost muscle and bone mass and have trouble lifting heavy objects especially because they're not used to them wing anything on his first night aboard recovery ship being strains back lifting a suitcase later that night bean wakes up to go to the bathroom and suddenly finds himself sprawled on the floor it takes that can to realize what happened instead of putting his legs under him he pushed off the bed headfirst expecting to float getting used to this whole gravity thing you realize is is going to take some time the second Skylab mission was a triumph being in its crew exceeded their mission goals by more than fifty percent bringing back a treasure trove of earth observations solar photographs biomedical data now has Skylab third mission prepares to launch NASA leaders want to build long success plans are made to extend the third cruise stay aboard Skylab for up to at least seventy days and bulk up their experimental workload because of budget cuts this will be the final Skylab mission NASA wants to squeeze as much science as possible out of the space station before it's taken out of service doc it's an ambitious plan and execute it NASA is counting on a team of rookies after the Apollo Lunar Program ended in Nineteen seventy-two Many of Nassar's most experienced astronauts left not interested in sticking around once they lost their chance to go to the moon so the final Skylab crew will be made up of three men who've never four flown in space if they can succeed it will be the ultimate proof that humanity has the potential to endure long distance space travel maybe even live in space on a permanent basis but of Nasr's projects continue to shrink the final skylab mission could mark the end of an era for manned spaceflight Support for American innovations comes from capital one with the spark cashcard from capital one earn unlimited two percent cashback on all of your business purchases think about it unlimited two percent cashback on everything you buy for Your Business cash-back can add up to thousands of dollars which you can reinvest back into your business so you can keep growing imagine what unlimited two percent cashback could do for your business learn more at capital one dot com. 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Bill yes sorry Jerry Guess I'm a little more nauseous than I thought it's ironic that out of all three astronauts pogue is the only one feeling sick back on earth other astronauts named the forty three year old air force colonel iron belly first apparent immunity to motion sickness now he's dry heaving into a sick back pogues illness presents the rookie Skylab crew with their first dilemma before they launched NASA physician stressed the importance of avoiding so-called space sickness the nausea that sometimes overcomes astronauts in zero gravity the last ability of NASA's new space shuttle program can astronauts really do quick trips into space and then safely land their craft an airplane if there puking their guts out to st auspey sickness the Skylab crew have all taken anti nausea medications they're also under strict orders to spend their first night in the command module on the theory that it's small our confidence our list disorienting zero gps but none of it seems to be helping pope while pogue crawls into the airlock in search of some air that doesn't smell like AH car discusses the situation with the science pilot Ed Gibson what do you think how bad does he look to you I mean he threw up but only a little yeah already seems to be doing better that's how it seems to me too I see we just don't mention it to Houston I don't want to make a federal case out of it you're the commander whatever you think his best hogue agrees with the plan to when mission control checks back later that evening cartels them only polk was a little nauseous not that he vomited the crew goes to sleep thinking the incident is behind them but the next day they're in for a surprise that afternoon during a call with mission control the cat com hands the microphone off to a more stern voice scallop this is Alan Shepherd Shepherd is a NASA legend the first man in space now chief of the Astronaut Office one of the Space Agency's highest ranking positions if they're hearing from him something serious must be going on nervously car radios back nice to hear from you al I'm looking at the command module transcripts from last night anything you need to tell US Commander Car Cars Heart sinks he'd forgotten their module is outfitted with a tape recorder that automatically transmits all conversations down to Houston for later transcription he's been caught red handed ah Yes sir the pilot did in fact vomit shortly after we dock last night you made a serious error in judgement here commander I I agree with you out it was a dumb decision not to would it these communications between Skylab and Mitch and control are all matter of public record often the press is listening in live car knows he's it's been publicly reprimanded for a rookie commander it's a valuable lesson after that car does his best run everything by the book but it's not easy beans crew were such overachievers mission control is loaded up the third Skylab crew with far more tasks than ever before by the end of their first week way behind schedule after the vomit cover up incident cars reluctant to do anything that could be perceived as insubordinate but on December six three weeks into their hey he finally speaks up Houston when can we expect to get a full day off we're supposed to get one every ten days but we've been playing catch up this whole time I five schedule every day Jerry just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be able to take your next full day off as scheduled doesn't feel like we're catching up it feels frantic astronauts aren't expected worked sixteen hour days on the ground I don't see why we should be trying to do it up here all relate your concerns jerry despite cars protests the punishing schedule continues to make matters worse after seven months in orbit Skylab is showing signs of wear and tear complex maintenance tasks like replacing ailing gyroscopes it Ad the crews worked regimen because they don't have time for hygiene and maybe as a subtle form of protest car and pogue stop shaving by late December both scored she beard's a startling departure from masses preferred clean cut image it's December twenty seventh six weeks into the third cruise mission for a few minutes as it does several times a day Skylab passes over a part of the earth were loses contact with massive network of relay stations on the ground back within range again Houston Capcom radios the space station Skylab this is Houston do you copy usually Skylab crew response to already radio transmissions within a few seconds but this time silence Skylab Houston do you copy command Scott up.

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