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It was i mean also kennedy when he starts saying he'd been ein berliner in embarrassing himself but i think my favorite in terms of sort of what is meant to be a gift and that's rejected is when margaret thatcher goes off with two hundred over three of the french revolution to see francois mitterrand with a mutual with the first addition of a tale of two cities as her gift which in which the revolutionaries were all kind of bloodthirsty cruel knows the individuals and somebody clearly just hadn't read the book or all we're delivering a very subtle message deliberate you see every what about what about that famous occasion when leading mir putin brought he's great dog to meeting with angela merkel it was killing also faux pas it was deliberately dumb to try and scare because he knew she was scared of dogs but the i mentioned boris johnson what about that extraordinary occasion last year when he went to me on to burma went to a buddhist shrine and there was heard to be quoting the road to mandalay but the great god booed riches a mud statutes and the british ambassador had to say rather loudly appropriate no he's what i think he can have his own whole book book of them can only he kind of gets away with it but there's something about the shoe incident which i don't think it should be forgiven it looks like something from the very tory bush tv show but rather entertaining come dine with me it looks like a serving suggestion from that but that was the netanyahu's us and that brings us to the end of the show enjoy the deco and quentin pills thank you so much joining us on midori house today's show was produced by marcus hippie is research by phenomenal costa pacheco and also by amber roberts an suv manager was david stevens there's more music next than nineteen hundred hours it's monocle on design with josh and we'll have more on the day's main stories on the data which is at twenty two hundred hours london time midori houses back at the same time.

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