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That'd be that'd be awful. And the next five years, you only went one against them. No way. So how does that impact where you are? Now two wins. I'm making the jump to three I'm saying you've got to win at least three out of the next five. I agree with that statement. I can totally one of the best coaches in the history of couchville Paul is gone out of your way. Yes. This guy is inheriting a program. That is recruiting very well. That owns this rivalry. Yeah. He helped coordinate offense to put up sixty two points on you. But that doesn't make you a head coach you've got to still run the whole show. This is your chance for me. The next five years have got to be three wins over Ohio State. Three wins are three big ten title game appearances. And after that, I don't know because the big ten big ten champion. The last three years hasn't made the college football playoff. But your opportunity is really really good at this moment. And I'll even take an olive moving forward. Like right now next year one hundred and twenty percents has to be win over Ohio State in. It's it's at home. You gotta get this. We thought about James brought up, you know. A revenge tour. This is redemption tour, you know, you need to redeem yourself from that abysmal loss down in Columbus. If you can't beat them on at home with a first year head coach full-time first year head coach, I should say. Then you're going to struggle. The rest of the way nine understand that you know, he's inheriting a lot of players that urban has recruited. And he did he was pre- pretty successful in the three games that he coached while herbs.

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