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Near there's a safe way you can listen to business wars without the ADS. Well it's not so secret. Actually people who subscribe to wonder plus know all about it. It's Ad Free podcast. Odd cast listening. Not just a business wars you get access to tons of other AD free wonderfully originals. Check it out at one rebe. FM Slash Business Wars plus and upgrade. Your listening experience. reince today it is May twenty-eighth Nineteen seventy-two fifty two year old lily. Gray officer thirteen year. Old Neighbor arrived as she heads out on a southern California highway to meet her husband and Bar Sto. She's been having a few problems with her little six month. Old Ford Pinto. Oh but it seems fine right now after a stop for gas in San Bernardino Gray settles into a sixty mile per hour cruise on the freeway. She sees congestion ahead slows down than changes lanes to avoid the traffic. Some her pinto stalls out. She's powerless to do anything. And just let the car coast to a stop. She's stuck on the busy highway. The car behind her manages edges to swerve out of the way but in nineteen sixty two full size Ford Galaxie is barreling straight for the driver of the Galaxy Galaxy slams on the breaks slowing to somewhere between twenty eight thirty seven miles per hour when it slams into the rear of the Pinto. The Pinto's flimsy flimsy bumper crumples and the Pinto explodes in flames. Engulfing the interior of the car gray dies on the fire. The boy is burned over most of his body he is permanently disfigured. Ralph Nader's grim. Prediction has come to pass an investigation reveals that the design of the Pinto the placement of the gas tank and the lack of reinforcement around. It made this car vulnerable to exactly this kind of accident. Worse court testimony shows that Ford knew about the facts but opted not ought to pay the fifteen dollars and thirty cents per car that it would have cost to make the car safer instead. Ford calculated that it would be cheaper rid of payout lawsuits. Then correct the problems. The boy who survived and his family Basou and there were awarded three and a half a half million dollars in damages and there are other claims about Ford Pinto bursting into flames after rear end collisions. Lots of them. At the urging of federal regulators Ford Recalls Pinto's it becomes the largest auto recall ever at the time in fact there are more to come in nineteen seventy seven. The big three automakers will recall more cars than they sell ten point. Four million in passenger cars of various models in years. Carmakers aren't just battling each other and the foreign competition now. They're grappling with the guts of their own creations. He will become an existential question. How do they hold onto once flag-waving buyers who have now become wary? The two biggest car brands in America board and Chevrolet face a cold truth. The road ahead is dangerous. Indeed from wondering I'm David Brown and and this is business wars.

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