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I'm Ryan idell host a fifteen minutes of freedom. Your daily action guided to getting shit done today's episode as always is my favorite day of the week. The one where my wife joins me in the studio. How are you? I'm wonderful. How about yourself? I'm good. And if you're listening to this, that means it's Saturday, although we're not recording on a Saturday, it is a Thursday, Thursday. We're kind of cutting it close this week a little bit, but you don't want to show is gonna air on Saturday. You don't know which that or not. Considering this is the only one we have in the Bank right now. Probably this Saturday would be a good bet maybe which is exactly what I want to talk about on this episode. The subsets entitled, shut your mouth. Oh, that's right. And like I say every week, I never know what we're talking about until we sit down. So I said, what are we talking about? He's gonna hit you between the eyes, some shit today. Okay. Here we go. Yes, that's right. No one. It's a whole thing of. I would look at this episode as a fact that there has to be a certain amount of humor and lightheartedness to any relationship. Certainly that I'm a part of, yeah, I mean, our whole world revolves around making other laugh or giggle or Saint some dumb shit to one another. That is a great way to say it and hence shut your mouth like, I can't tell you as you're listening. How many times I have told Lindsey to shut, shut him out. She's being stupid and and was because you are soup. But a lot of times pretty stupid sometimes too. And I, what a great comeback. I know, right? You're stupid too. So dumb. But you know, it's good for one another. We always call everybody out on their shit. So you know you and I do it to each other all the time. Shut your mouth. Fuck you. A daily thing such terms of endearment for my husband and that I give to him. Yeah. Well, fuck you. That's pretty true. What if there's an our relationship more so than any of my past. That very rarely are we in this super serious mindset. Certainly there's the weight of life situations that we have to deal with. You know, whether it's bills need paid or kids that need picked up or dog getting cancer. Like there's no, there's, there's things that require. Direct focus right. But what time and talk about the humorous side of our life, which is really like ninety eight percent of what we do, which makes everyday enjoyable and fun. It does, but something to me, I have to remain aware of and I don't know that we've spoken to this never. Which is good. It's gonna make gonna make for some great content as you're listening. Really, we've never talked about any of this stuff. Nobody on my side. I am ridiculously focused and self consumed on the growth of this show. My personal brand, everything that I'm doing to make a change in the world where. It's consuming like it consumes my mind. It consumes the thoughts that I have of the future it. It's like, and it's not that it's heavy in the fact that I'm super analytical or ultra introspective. But if I don't force myself to break away and try to spend some extra time by myself or getting present the moment with you in Jonah, I discuss it there and I'm quiet. Yes. We've talked about that before though, like you just get consumed with your own thoughts and then you can kind of drift off and I'll look at, you'd be like, what the fuck are you doing right now? Yeah, but it's, it's that it's that is that ability to have that level of communication that I had not had before. And again, I'm not. I always want to make sure I say this on air. I am not talking poorly about people that I have spent time with dated it. Just the dynamics of our relationship obviously were married, why we're married and we've been together for going on the fifth year now. Yeah, it's because of this. This stuff works the right way. I mean, I can say the same thing I've had pass relationships and even pass marriage like nothing wrong with any of those people. They just turn out to not be a match or the the level of communication or intimacy or whatever is just not on the same wavelength, which is why married to you. That's right. For instance, let's say glasses wearing right now. We are extra cool kids today. If you go to the YouTube channel Ryan idell, you'll see that both of us are wearing blue lake glasses. I got served an Instagram ad about, I don't know a few weeks ago. We'll my buddies company, David Johnson seen. Yes, yes, yes, I forgot it's previously revolt. Maybe something that I don't know how I don't speak Spanish or French. So I don't know really what it is on. Those are inexpensive sunglasses that David as a local guy here to Columbus. Grew Astor and black grew at the sold it off move down to Miami, and it has had this entrepreneurial spirit above and beyond. Most people have ever seen and created discount sunglasses and now regular glasses, their blue light. So the Instagram at I got serve, which I'm a sucker for these all the time, they're supposed to block the light, the blue light rays that come from your computer and your phone screen. So for those of us that are on our phone, a computer all day, we don't get those ocular headaches, and so they block. But really, I just think we like to wear them. 'cause we look cool. Maybe. I don't know. I ordered the one you have on for me, and then they were like massively too big for my head. And so you've got a very nice large. Great on you. I already these little, you know, cute girlie one. Yes. So apparently I have a big head and I'm also slowly actually getting a big head with the success of the show. So I guess that's double double folded, but it's it's like we have these glasses and Lindsey has them, and I see them when they come in. I'm like middle and thinking, I'd probably even to this out loud. Like what the fuck are you doing buying more glasses? And I say that. Perfect. Man, you needed to nap too. God, damn. So what. I have bought Lindsey, not short of. Ten pairs of sunglasses in our time together. It's ten, but it's, it's close. It's I'm horrible with glasses. It's not a, we don't even have to name all the names. Now I bought a bunch of the privee revoke glasses because I saw him and they were inexpensively twenty five or thirty bucks a pair. So I'm not spending thousands of dollars on glasses. But then we have also bought the Tom Ford's in the row Florenz and the Ray bans and named some things. And she'll happens that Lindsey and all of her creative genius likes to offer the fish of the ocean and lakes, the ability to wear sunglasses, they swim. And so she drops them in the water almost consistently. And then just says, fuck and leaves. I've to pair out of the ten only two pair have gone in the water, the Tom Ford one in the ocean. I wore them on my face. I got smacked in the mouth by giant wave, and that was it some shark as rock and some Tom Ford's. And then when we went to New York, we went to was the called talk shop, awake and. I've been over to sit down and they were on my head and they fell right off into the water which we could have retrieved those, I guess. But it was a little chilly and nobody wanted to get way. I'm glad you think this is funny. I, it's so passive like the Tom Ford's are four or five hundred dollars on. The right bands are hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars glasses. So it's no big deal. Like fortunately we now operate in a household full of abundance versus scarcity. So turn it off that like I will never spend that kind of money on sunglasses again that hurt that hurt my soul. I love it is awesome. Never. Again. I I'm rocking my thirty dollar previous right now. Go probably stick to that. But she, she buys these glasses. I literally, I come home and I don't have a garage door opener. It's the craziest shit in the world. Like we have a two car garage. And from just we've just been lazy, I can't even like justify we. We had a a new garage door opener put in like the motor quite some time ago. We only got one remote with it. We never thought that the second we didn't program another one on the outside. That doesn't work with that part of our Alexis shit show. And so I walked through the front door with Keith park in the driveway because the second the second car garage has all Jonah stuff and has a motorcycle in it has lawnmowers just has stuff. So three car garage, at least at least. But in that we I walked through the front door and there's almost always. I mean, I know what you're gonna say. There's almost always an Amazon package sitting.

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