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Every get your shows. Mitchell Trubisky is put up great numbers of past two weeks, but is the young quarterback really getting better plus look at a Cowboys dominant defense and upcoming matchup king that saints number one scoring offense versus the raven number one scoring events. And we also have many questions jopacks future forty Niners first, rounders and automatic. First down to the penalty. Let's rhythm. It's all on the NFL Dodd podcast. Hello and welcome to the m QB NFL deep dive podcast. I'm Gary gramling. He is. And even if a couple of weeks, seven headlining games to talk about. We also have been E mail bag coming up, but Andy were. We're starting. I just wanna point this out. We have gotten an influx of Besseges from angry bears fans who are saying. We are Mahomes apologists at the QB and we are Trubisky haters. I don't know why that would be because we did some stuff hundred Gumbo lead up to the raft. He's a very nice man. Yep, he knives over. Yeah, we bonded over how I met. Your mother had happened to see every episode that year. I didn't sit and watch it, but it was one of those. I have it playing when I unloaded the dishwasher and that kind of thing, and we got along quite well. Here's part of the reason that as much as I like Mitchell Trubisky that people would say, we're Mahomes apologised Trubisky haters Mahomes is significantly better than Trubisky and you have to start there? Yes, that is good place to start. We're going to start a, we're going to start patriots bears here. That's the first game. We are breaking down the turn of the one o'clock's on Sunday, a rare one o'clock game for the New England Patriots. But let's talk about Trubisky that because there's, there's there's no denying. Statistically he has been very impressive over last games that would be the blow out over Tampa and his numbers were good against Miami. My my opinion, Andy, my unprofessional opinion is that he is missing. Too many wide open throws still, and he got away with a couple really ugly, throw his back across the field on Sunday that obvious no show up on the stats. But maybe that's just me what. What have you thought of his most recent two games here? Yeah. You mentioned that on the the when we recorded Sunday night or very early Monday morning and I put on the dolphins film and kind of thought. All right. Let's say I'm gonna. I'm gonna be the naysayer Gary here because I can see everything and see the all twenty two. He didn't get to look at that on Sunday, but no, you are exactly, right. I mean, he was he did miss on some throws. He did miss on some reads, there's some stuff to work on with Trubisky his pocket movement kind of ties to a lot of this as well. None of this is abnormally mean we're talking about fundamental mortar backing issues, and it'd be it'd be unusual if the guy or developed here than less developed. It's not, you know, it's hard thing. It's nuanced quarterbacking, but I do think he has a ways to go..

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