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Good. Obviously most solid got hurt, but also Laura's curious was a complete and utter train wreck. Yes. So what did Liverpool do they were, you know, backed by f s g John Henry. They put a ton of money into a position that doesn't always require ton of money, but they said, we can't have those mistakes, come back to bite us in a similar situation and Allison was great. He was great wall sees law. And specifically yesterday on and I was just so confident, I think it's a, it's a standard save for a top-class keeper from the Ericsson free kick. But I'm telling you, I am not convinced that either Manila are carriers. Get to that and do it. I get it away. That was an accident where he turned around the round the post the free-kick he's an accident keeper. And it was an area of knee Liverpool couldn't go on penny pinching in that position like they paid very little for carriers. Minneola, obviously was legacy. He hold over from from Brennan Rogers. You're right. I mean you can it's a great story for Liverpool to do what they've done. But they have invested in getting to this point, western like, like it's very easy. It's amazing. The bit of business. That Katina was, you know, you get inversion Van Dyke, and a goalkeeper for them for that outlet that when you think about that. And think about what Barcelona fence. Think of Cotino right now, wait to get rid of them. Absolutely incredible. Yeah. It was. It was just you looked at me. I think toward the end prior to the original goal. And you just kind of had this emptiness in your eyes as if we could be here till next Tuesday, We're not gonna care vote enough chances to, to win even at one note. Now, I will say this, the relief I had when orig buried that one right into that bottom coroner was was really positive. I felt great about it because I did not want people going in to the police match talking about a humble yet that would that would have been the entire it was already maybe the story of the game, but that would have been light and it wouldn't have been. Yeah. I would, I would not have enjoyed it because I would have used it for the rest of time. Oh, well, yeah. You got you got another typical BS Liverpool. Call going in your favor and you want to champion. Look the way the way I see it is. Yeah. That, that's how I felt. That's how that's always still feel. And it, it kind of I still say they'll shoot eighty eight minutes and all the bowl, the Aridi goal, I want to ask you a question about it, because as I have said, I have a p brain that can't comprehend. The sports sometimes, and I need a European brain to help me. So prior just prior to him scoring obviously, it comes off of the corner. Yeah. The ball bounce around. But even prior to that the reason for the corner. Do you remember what happened? Refresh my memory Andy Robertson plays in a ball into the box, and Danny rose kind of.

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