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I see that more people talk about that more than it and i think part of that is the fact that playstation is a brand name that i think people can rather mainstream people on on the todayshow can wrap their had around second window exactly whereas when you talk about oculus and htcandi think the fact that heads of looks like it's just one of those like yet brand recognition and trying to break that episode hard i figured oculus or it sounds like the rules the there's a horror movie i guess an atc by ira does whereas mean editing the thing that i wonder when facebook acquired them was okay what direction are they going to pull the main because the gaming space oculus as in there it's doing its things but the unique thing to facebook had to offer was the idea of this sort of social am uh you know the communication aspect on one of the coolest things i ever did was the starts demo an at where i was in one room playing games it's somebody else shared in a room and that was the thing that i went over god this is how vr becomes like a social tool right can play with like my friends were in arlon but it feels like i'm playing with 100so we credible waiting to see what that ends up being obviously this is kind of like a harder announcement but wouldn't it be cool if they announced this with like some sort of facebookvrjangir alleged pokemongo or something use whoa whoa whoa with them delivering on this one ride this promise that they've been working on this thing i like this other ballpoint from bloombergfacebookinstead it's also working on a prototype device named santacruz basically a wireless riff with the full power of the original pc with the four power of the original device sanspc whoa heavy that's when she one member way doesn't imply that it's more 100 no that's when it gets really interesting when it is a device that i think somebody like me could buy.

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