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I wouldn't have fought anyway. I'm telling you right now, this is what it is to be a calculating decision maker as a boxer and the people that control your career. So no, I wouldn't advise them to fight cater all because it's just the wrong style matchup. Go for the bigger name. Tio female Lopez, a former undisputed champion. Had all the belts, he beat the loman, chanco. He's a name. That's who you want on your resume, a former champion that's gonna still be Celtic tickets is popular and teal female, whether he still having his issues, he's still having his personal problems. Those are always gonna be their lingering. So he's gonna be there right for the picking. He's ripe for the picking. So I think Josh sailor is an incredible talent, incredible talent, and he should go after another incredible talent. That's vulnerable mentally and so yeah, that's a fight to make. You know, I somewhat disagree that TF femo is vulnerable. I think too much was made of how difficult the fight against sandor Martin was, like Tana Martin is going to be a difficult opponent for everybody. It wasn't just that it wasn't just that performance. He lost the kids. It's his personal life. Got a lot going on there. But I think he's capable of bouncing back and being an elite guy at one 40. I do. I do alleviate the goods for it. I think a Josh Taylor matchup is a lot better for him than what a Sandra Martin matcher would be. Josh Taylor at least will try to bang with him a little bit in that fight. And that's, you know, I think TFE has the size at one 40 to be able to do that. I mean, I do. Yeah, but cambos is banged with him and was able to hurt and drop. There was a lot going on to him. Well, there was going to be more. There's going to be that's exactly what I mean. There's going to be a lot of more, like he was going through a divorce at that time. He had a bad weight cut at that time, that fight had been postponed like three times. That doesn't excuse anything. He lost fair and square in that fight. But I think he's going to, I think taya fimo, if he's an underdog in that fight, and he probably will be, I think he's a very live underdog in that fight. But to the point of the question, I do agree with you. I think this is the right move. To fight Jack katara again, was for ego, right? And you know it was because he dropped all the other belts. Yeah. Just so he could be in a position to defend a title against Jack Adderall. So with teo female on the table, it's a bigger money fight. It's a more relevant fight and it's a better fight for him to potentially win if they fight in June. I feel for Jack casserole, but you know this was around social media. I think Jack haddal could put it together and fight, Regis prograde. That's a good fight for Jack. I don't think pro grade will face the man. Backs off on cataract and protocol attack. I don't think he will, but programs are begging for a fight. Too smart. He's way too smart to take that fight. You think Jack had a role as Muhammad Ali, what are we talking about? I think he's too much risk. What's the reward and beating cataract? You fight. And it's a marketable fight in the UK. Who's been saying busy? Program's been saying business. He has nobody can fight. He is manager. I haven't had a man. Stay busy, get paid. How? Big names. It doesn't matter. It does matter. You don't get paid to fight just anybody. Anyone in the top 15. You want to pull up the top 15 rankings for, yes, please. The WBC. And I'll tell you right now, please. You have to make her. So you think, all right, we'll do this right now. It shouldn't be cad or I'll tell you that. A short, strong southpaw that's confident and he's just waiting for that phone call to fight a big name and strike again. It's just like he saw Cruz. After he tank Davis, why is nobody calling me? People did. Of course, Stephenson asked to fight him. Yes, he did. Yes, he did. Of course, he was one of the crew said no. Like, all right, that pit bull has been passing on some fights in the last that doesn't take away from the fact that he's a good fighter. He did. So, of course, Stevenson was publicly calling him out. Everyone's avoiding Stevenson. They're speaking two different things. We just program is number one. The WBC champion, right? So you go down the list. You got taffy ma Lopez. He didn't want that fight. Sandra Martin, you want taffy, you want to fight Santa Martina gonna be the next guy? No, get in the ring with Santa Martin. No. You got Gary Antoine Russell. Who knows no one knows? No idea there. Jose zapata, we've gone down that road before. Sergey lippin yes. Oh, there you go. How about that? José Ramírez didn't want it, Ryan García's on the list. Arnold Barbosa, that's not bad. Those are the good fight, but I rather take lip knits. It has more experience with the bigger names. You know, he's been in there with what Mikey Garcia. So it doesn't matter if you got knocked out by Mikey Garcia. He fought a four division world champion, so being able to beat a name like that. That makes sense. Steve spark? No. He thinks Steve sparks great because what's his name, Montana, love through him on the ring through him off the ring, but now I don't like that fight. Brett and Lee on that list. We're back at the bottom half the top 15. The point is if you think Jack Jack hadal is a good fighter, not a great fighter. And if there's money on the table to fight Jack Adderall and defend your title, you do it. You do it. Why wouldn't you? Because it's a wrong style matchup. I'd rather WBC would rather fire all ranked. How is that possible? Fight a snooze fest against a nobody. You don't get paid for those fights. Regis program has no promoter. I know he doesn't, and that means more money in his pocket. He said, he's still making a lot of money. Would you like to FaceTime Sam cajkovsky in here? Or he just programs manager and ask him if there's a lot of money out there for Regis right now. It's not. It doesn't take away from what he is, but there's not a lot of money out there for him because guys don't want to fight him. José Ramírez said, nope, I'm going to go fight Richard Comey. Tampa, I'm a Lopez, said, nope, I'm going to go fight Josh Taylor. You got to go down the list to find guys willing to fight, Regis pro gray. Is that much of a beast, man? I mean, that's why you got to fight cataract. If there's money in the UK to fight, if you take it, we're just probably going to be the favorite against caterer, you know, that Regis might be the best guy I want to. Yeah, but then he's going to give up, first of all, he's going to be fighting another southpaw and that's difficult. And then you're fighting a Brit in oh man, I don't know. I just think there's better options. He should stay in the U.S., keep doing what he's doing. He fights whoever they put in front of him, so whoever they put in front of them here in his home country, I think that's what you should do. Look, I'd love to see it. I don't think there's any money for it. Like maybe in a cataract to fight in the U.S., I don't know if you can do that. There you go. So you do it in the U.S. because then at least you would have some judging in your favor. If you go, if you go to the UK or anywhere in the UK, you're going to have the fans against you and you know they're rabid fans. They come out in the tens of thousands. Every punch is going to be a new one at all. So you have the fans against you, then you're going to have to judges against you and the referee against you too much too many cards stacked against you. So yeah, if is willing to come over here, then that's a different story. All right, you're back to work this weekend. Is that what I understand? Absolutely. We're calling the fight on Saturday. Thank you. God, it's not with you. Thank God. It's Corey yardman, a better writer, a better reporter, and a better commentator than you. Shout out Cori urban and I'll see you Saturday, baby. That's just mean. You're a mean. We're partners. We're broadcast buddies. They pay me to work with you, my friend. They pay me and you pay me to be here. That's the only reason I'm here. And when we come back, my conversation with Eddie Hearn. Recently, a new client called me and started by saying mister Morgan, I really need your help, but I'm just a nobody. Those words stunned me, and I immediately called him back, and we're now helping him and his family after a terrible accident. I'm John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan. Everybody who comes to our firm at their time of need is a somebody. I grew up poor, but my grandmother was like a queen to us. 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