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Attorney general Spitzer settled with the ten largest Wall Street banks for one point four billion dollars in civil fraud penalties. A mere fraction of the hundreds of billions of dollars Wall Street, earned underwriting and trading fees. A small price to pay by Wall Street will PT Barnum, the great American circus. Impresario one said that there's a sucker born every minute. Hey main street shell games off with suckers don't gamble in a risky investment shell game. You'll always lose insure your investments, play it safe and follow those three irrefutable laws of safe investing. We talk a lot on talk radio about how Wall Street is broken for the mainstream investor. It's ironic to me that the one thing that proves point for the best is just looking at recent stock market performance. We're going to give you some really bad news that you're not going to hear from your stockbroker, or your financial adviser that specializes in selling you risky stocks wristy bonds risky variable annuities, and risky mutual funds. We're gonna take the stock market from the high point Tober twelve two thousand seven the Dow Jones industrial average is only made about five percent per year. Could you believe that over ten years of the ups and downs? In roller. Coasters, sleepless nights biting, your fingernails pain in your side five percent per year, the S and P standard emporer from the high point Tober twelve two thousand seven is only made about five percent per year. All right. We're gonna take the NASDAQ over seventeen years. The NASDAQ the NASDAQ only made an average of two percent per year. Are you kidding me folks? Why would anybody do this? It's. It's crazy. If you need your funds, you can't be gambling. It's like being in Vegas, and gambling with all of your retirement funds funds that you need to support yourself. When you retire folks, this market could tank it anytime. Black Monday, October nineteenth, the Dow in one day was down twenty two point six percent. The SNP in one day black Monday October nineteen was down twenty percent folks. Don't do this to yourself. It's crazy. The last financial crisis. The Dow was down thirty six percent. The SNP was down thirty eight percent the NASDAQ down forty three percent folks. If you lose twenty five percent of your funds in a financial crisis, and the next one is going to be big. You have to make back thirty three percent of your retirement funds how long it's going to take you to do that. If you lose thirty three percent guess what? You have to make back fifty percent. That's insane. You can't do this. You can't run with the boys on Wall Street. It's dangerous. They will eat you up every day of the week, you can't do this into the.

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