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Going to be looking at some unsettled weather in the northeast and the northwest as well as in the south central part of the country but much of the area in between is going to stay relatively quiet we still have a storm system off the east coast which is bringing rainy weather across much of new england and there will at least be some light showers that extend all the way back westward across new york state and perhaps northern pennsylvania they may even get back as far as portions of michigan from time to time for today though that's likely to be crossed the far north we're also going to see another system in the northwest which will be bringing just some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity that's going to be already fairly light and scattered for today with most of it over western canada however it's going to diminish even more heading into tonight no severe weather is expected with those two areas of precipitation however there is a chance for some strong storms to fire up this afternoon across portions of texas and oklahoma this is primarily going to be focused along the red river and it's going to be mainly for this afternoon into the early part of tonight however any severe storms are likely to be fairly isolated still there is at least a chance that some storms could be strong this afternoon with damaging winds and hail fortunately that chance of tornados is relatively low and that's the weather across america in albuquerque new mexico today sunshine with a high of ninety tampa florida will have a shower thunderstorm around mainly.

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