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Let's go right into this thing. Let us discuss the heavyweight division in the ufc because it was on full display last week. It'll be on display this weekend as well and next month with the title on the line but let's focus on ufc vegas nineteen and derek lewis's incredible ferocious and absolutely vicious knockout of curtis blades. In the main event after a really strong opening round from curtis blades lewis delivers one of the nastiest knockout. You will ever see in the second round coming through with the biggest main event upset in the. Us's michael bisbee became. The ufc middleweight champion. A you have c. One ninety nine knocking out. Luke rocco network going to begin with you kind sir. Nice and easy your reaction to a massive win for derek lewis less than a week ago surprise. Surprise i guess is where i would start out. I picked curtis blades. I thought he would be able to at least take down. Derek lewis enough to win the fight and lo and behold. He didn't take him down at all. So that was probably actually the biggest surprise about the fight What wasn't surprising. That derek lewis after being down in the first round after losing that second round blades was doing really well on the feet. And then derek lewis just did what they're glues does. Big are uppercut. Is the fight so relatively shocking shocking result in the sense that derek one. I was fairly confident that blades. Who get it done. But not so not so surprising that derek lewis got another highlight reel nocco assay. We kind of got your instant reaction after the fight on saturday on the post by now you've talked about on the side but now they've had some time to let it all sink in and spoken about it on on different platforms. How big was this win. For derek lewis in the in the grand scheme of things that heavyweight. I mean anytime you win in the top five especially when the heavyweight title is only is within less than a month of your big victory. It's a big thing. I just think. Derek lewis is one of those fighters that he said it himself like the title is great but he's fighting for that paycheck. You got the bonus. You got bulbs paychecks. He's back taxes. Which is obviously still reeling from the massive blizzard. So i'm sure he's going to do great things with that. We saw what he did when the hurricane happened. Driving around saving people so For a normal fighter getting this big win on a big platform so close to not just the title fight probably another a contender fight with jazzy. No rose straight and cyril gone. They're going to be like. Oh this is great for my career. I'm looking at it from the perspective of derek. Lewis wear awesome. I got both of my paychecks and fifty thousand dollars more so yeah massive night for the black beast again. Prize fighters derek lewis through to be one of the most reliable prize fighters on the ufc roster. So yeah ten attempt forms across the board from the heavyweight contender to sort of build upon that jose. Is it time to look at derek. Lewis is not just a fun prizefighter but a serious threat to the title. It's not like he wasn't before but people always view. Derek is this you know fun. Follow on social media this hilarious guy this quote machine who can land knock on at any point of a fight as watch the sport at all outside of his fight weeks doesn't really care about titles but it seems like he's putting together now i know he's added some pieces to his team. You saw lauren. Murphy's husband joe in his corner who's excellent jujitsu coach in practitioner. His own right time to stop looking. Derek lewis as the funny guy with the with the best social media. Game outside of darren taylor. Moore is a legit threat to st bay francis and gado john jones. Whoever is in this division. I would say derek lewis has already the best twitter follow third. Darren tools jason lewis at this point. Because derek lewis is winning fighting and being funny darren till is only doing one of those things. So i i would say derek lows. Of course you have been taken seriously if he touches your jaw you have to take him seriously because you're probably not going to remember when after the referee pulls him off of you so i don't know the answer to this because we haven't seen we don't know we don't know that's like saying oh francis in who is putting together all of these this team to make him a complete fire. All of his fights are like less than two minutes long. So we just don't know for all we know. Derek lewis is the best gogo planet practitioner. It all of the ufc. We're just never going to see it because at the second touches you you die. So if you fight someone like steep bay That is obviously a master game. Planner i think that's better. That's that'll be a better gauge of derek. lewis skills. because we've seen him fight dan mccormick. Who is the definition of a complete mixed martial arts and that wasn't a great night for derek lewis. Yes he took that on like Real short notice to only a month after he got that beatdown he did win. Let's not forget volkov. Put it on their clothes until again. Derek lewis touched his jaw and killed a man on live television. So yeah i don't know. Tb all say. I know that's a cop out. But i don't think anyone knows i think everyone will agree with.

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