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Priority. And that's what we're doing. It's called protection of life. So God bless everybody. And be careful. All right. That was the president giving a pretty stern warning. And telling us about the preparations that have been made as hurricane foreign now makes its way to the Carolinas. Looks like a pretty direct hit going into Wilmington, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina should make its way down a little bit. Then go inland anticipated the storm once it hits is going to pretty much stall and stay there and on top of the surging waters. You're going to have a lot of rain drop forty inches predicted in some areas. And joining us now is the Lieutenant governor Dan forest of North Carolina. How are you, sir? I'm doing great, Sean. Thanks for having me on. Well. I start thoughts and prayers go out to all our friends in North Carolina. I know it's not fun people in the coastal areas. They got a pack up take their stuff move out get shelter. How prepared are you at this point? I think. Well, the state's very well prepared. I think you know, we've been through this number times we have one of the best emergency management teams in the country. They've been on top of this for quite a long time now and they're prepared. You know, the the trick is how prepared are all the people. The good news is we've seen probably record numbers of people actually packing up and leaving and heading to shelters or other places inland to get away from the storm. So that is the good news. I would say that the bad side of the news is that we're still a day away from landfall on this. And a lot of people are starting to act a little nonchalant. Maybe there seem a little disappointed..

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