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Why she was quiet sexy battle of the sexes coming up next is one of four three by fed this Valentine's morning well this story I mean technically clothing one of four three my family's balance in the morning say ten coming up the brush fire in Santa Barbara county has grown to over four thousand acres it's forcing mandatory evacuations would be the latest coming up in three things you need to know but right now represent the man whose name is Leo he lives in Hawthorne is a sales associate enjoys watching sports what's up Leo good morning everything the lady is her name is Rachel from garden grow he's a marketing manager and enjoys playing with their babies let's hear for Rachel morning here so we're three so I'm gonna ask you stereotypical male questions Leo Joe's gonna ask you stereotypical female questions best at a three wins if we're still tied the end of regulation we get or not so tough tiebreaker question we're gonna start with the lead is the regalia today what rock band sang a song about the cold November rain on their album use your illusion who was that cold November rain Hammond say it again sounds like saying kiss yeah no choose the guns and roses and.

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