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And the Washington Post a simile the Justice department is held up or oppose the merger of the parent of CNN is this driven by what would be and completely atypical of you of antitrust by this current Justice department, or is this an effort to punish an I think we ought to find out, but that won't be with an arc minister diction it will be within one of the other committees. And they will have to decide is that as important an issue as any number of other things that are equally meritorious. So that's what I mean you could. Easily come up with a long list of things that we ought to be concerned about in a normal administration would be worthy of an intensive investigation. But because of the the complete dearth of oversight of the last two years as well as just how scandal plagued this ministration is it means we won't be able to do everything. One of the things, you know, people forget this in the current environment. But the house intelligence committee, first and foremost is not an investigative entity. It's first and foremost policy and oversight Anne, and I'm would be derelict in my law, fair responsibilities. If I didn't ask you about your policy priorities with respect to the normal business of the house intelligence committee over the next couple of years. Well, and let me give you an illustration. And we always conducted investigations, you're right. We're not typically viewed as investigative body, but you know, some years ago we conducted under Rogers groupers burger investigation of while way. Z T. E were these Chinese firms a threat to us from a counterintelligence point of view semi one issue that I'm greatly concerned in which we're going to be continuing to investigate is whether we have serious supply chain concerns with technologies that we are purchasing from China. And does that call for us to take a far more aggressive steps to create our own independent supply chain as it reached that level because that would be a rather mammoth policy decision where we make and what's your instinct on that is is the is your working hypothesis that? Yeah, we're at that point where we need to seriously consider that or is this a sort of more defensive wanna make sure we're keeping track of the situation. But your instinct is that we're not at that point yet. Well, my instinct is that we may very well get to that point. If we're not there now that just as. As we have been reliant on the Russians to get us to the space station, we are increasingly reliant on Chinese firms to make components that could be used against us. And that's a rather enormous undertaking. If we're going to do what's necessary to limit that reliance. So it's not something that you do without a thorough throw investigation. But that is the kind of issue that traditionally our committee has looked into that we'll continue to look into we've also done vested work about problems that have rear their head at this particular element of the icy or another or concerns we've had about covert action programs, and so all of those areas some you could characterize Moore's oversight. But some of them are just downright. Investigatory wanna ask you a political question? One of the features of the mid terms that has garnered a lot of commentary is the sort. Of rise of a large faction of much more progressive Democrats, we have just seen a Republican caucus that went to war against the intelligence community the movement in the United States that is traditionally associated with real suspicions of the intelligence community. At least in modern times has been the political left. And so I'm interested in your thoughts on this new group of progressive left Democrats coming in in a environment in which it is a typically the Democratic Party that is sort of standing as the defenders of the intelligence community and federal law enforcement. I it's a weird integration. I and I'm interested in your thoughts. As to are we at a moment in which the left and the intelligence community and law enforcement communities have more to talk about than they used. Two or is this a situation in which we've seen the right after the I see in the end the law enforcement world, and we're gonna see some real tensions emerge..

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