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After this. Mr feeble mind had tidings brought him that the messenger sounded his horn at his chamber door. Then he came in and told him saying. I am come to tell the that master has need of the am not in a very little time though must be hold his face in brightness and take this as a token of the truth of my message does that look up at the windows shall be darkened. Burn mr feeble mind calling for his friends and told them what errand had been brought unto him and what token he had received the truth of the message then he said since. I have nothing to bequeathed to any. To what purpose. Should i make a will as for my feeble mind that i will leave behind me for that. I shall have no need of in the place wither i nor is it worth bestowing upon the poorest pilgrim. Where for when i am gone i desire that you mr valiant would bury it in a dunghill done the day being come on which he wants to depart. He entered the river as the rest is last words. Were hold out faith and patience. So he went over to the other side. When days had many of them passed. Away mr despondency was sent for for a messenger. Wisconsin and brought this message to him trembling man. These are some to be ready with. Viking by the next lord's day to shout for joy for the deliverance. From all the dotting send so the messenger that my message is true. Take this proof. So he gave the grasshopper to be a burden onto him now. Mr despondency as daughter whose name was afraid said when she heard what was done that she would go with her father then. Mr despondency said to his friends myself and my daughter. You know what we have been. And how troublesome lee we have behaved ourselves in every company my will and my daughter says the dr discouraged feelings and slavery sheds be by no man received from the day of departure forever for. I know that after my day will offer themselves to others for to be playing with you. They are ghosts too which we entertained. When we first began to the pilgrims and could never shake them off after and they will walk about and seek entertainment of the pilgrims. But for our sakes shotty the door upon them when the time wiscon- for them to depart. They went to the brink of the river. The last words of mr despondency were farewell night. Welcome day..

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