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The the plight of the ground troops on the beach that story line is one week compressed into the hundred and one hundred and forty seven minute movie not data to our movie i'm sorry one hundred two hundred seventy since it's under two hours and so one week is compressed into a movie and then there is a there's the what's his name reilance tom reilance would've that that actor he's one of the british civilians bringing his civilian boat over to dunkirk to evacuate troops his story is one day compressed inla movie and then tom hardy the actor is of spitfire pilot though the other authenticity thing here is that he's wearing his oxygen mask for the majority of the movie his part is one hour so as long as you understand how this works and and of effectively think of it all as the final hour and and and so you know a week before that final hour but the ground troops the the day before with the ship in them the spitfire everything in the spitfire happens in one hour but it's it's you bounce around these three different story lines are not happening at the same time until the final hour of of dunkirk right are you in real life life but there's one problem that i had with it and maybe if you've seen it maybe you you you agree or disagree but there is very little pre story in ali star wars the scroll told you that the empire was falling apart in that and that layer organic as an ambassador to the to the imperial senate on the whole thing this basically the the christopher nolan made a conscious decision to not use the word germans or nazis he says that the enemy have surrounded the british expeditionary force at the town of dunkirk four hundred thousand three hundred eighty thousand manner are in this perimeter and then in the movie the in in conversation or whatever only that no one ever references who it is that they're fighting and that of an i know that i'm assuming nolan wants to concentrate on the universality of what the of the chaos of combat and the the whole thing probably but i do know from all the eyewitness accounts i've ever read from dunkirk that every buddy their new damn wealth who was bombing them the.

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