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You're listening to weekly podcast where we talk about everything and anything but mainly video. Oh Games I'm your host. Chris and today the full crew is here for our listeners. Today this is a very special episode where we will interview review our first Indie game developer from Eva's entertainment and the sole creator of the game. The Moore's Joseph Lloyd. Alright let's start the interview. Grove's presents an interview with I have a good friend of mine. He works with me His name is Joseph. Lloyd he is they sold developer for the game. The Moore's on the P.. You see it's out on steam right now for nineteen ninety nine is that correct Joseph. Okay and He is his company is entertainment amount. And so we're going to review the game. I and then I think we're GONNA do an interview on Joe after that so I start. Start out. I'll start with the Moors. Were my experiences with the game and kind of give my input for the. Moore's this game is is a horror. Would you call it like a horror survival type of game where you're trying to stay alive and kind of run for your life in a way is that is that correct. Joseph I call it like a survival horror survival horror. Okay yeah okay so while wiles playing this survival horror and it is in first person So playing this game. I'm not too big on Hor Games unless it's resident evil and demonic doc noses because we're huge resident evil fans until I ruined the game forum. That wasn't a horror game. Okay well it's an action horror type to me is scary but but with the with the Hor- game that I'm playing with the Moore's I I I'm easily scared so this was really tough for me to play my anxiety. Rose I believe Joseph did a great job shut up John. I'm not a pussy year pussy but yeah I don't play jump scare games. I don't play Games. I don't watch horror movies. Yeah 'cause I knew who I am. Yeah I like Shit anyways the Heat Joseph you you did a great job on scaring the Shit Outta me. 'cause it definitely added the scare factor. I mean first of all you start off in a manner this mansion. I I don't WanNa ruin the whole story for gamers out there that want to try this game on steam so with this this game you start off in first person you go to this manner and it is complete darkness and your scavenging around this manner looking for light light basically so you can see what the heck you're doing and you're trying to figure out how to get out of this manner because you're pretty much locked in there. Is that correct Joseph so so far. It's pretty much so so when I was playing this game it I mean you have to play this game wearing a headset. There's no other way you can't play it on mute. You have to have a headset because sound has everything in this game and Using those sounds and using using their surroundings around you. When you're in the darkness the sound does help you and it also helps the building suspense in this game so it definitely gave me goosebumps and like not not? The good goosebumps is more of like Holy Shit. I'm this is really freaking me out giving me the anxiety so I really enjoyed this game game for that aspect because it built the suspension and the textures in the game and the way the game looked it looks really good. You did a great job on making in this game. Look like a game that we'd play in today's Day and age. I mean it looks really nice for that It does does start a little slow there. It's kind of like a slow burn right now But once you kind of learn what you're doing in this game and you're looking for certain key items to progress through the game. It does add that extra element of excitement. Because you're like Ooh I get to see what's what's hunting me. What's chasing me So because you know that there's something in this manner you can hear shit moving around you. Can you really feel like something is in this manner with you. You don't know what it is yet so it is it is pretty Gives you that creepy. Feel but so far what what I've experienced inst- I've enjoyed the game thus far I can't wait to keep playing it and get to the next level and see what what awaits me into the next levels But so far I like what I'm seeing. I think there's a few things that can be added to this game. I think that This game could be It's got a lot of potential And Right now I'm I'm enjoying what I'm playing and I can't wait to get to that next level But it is one of those Hor survival games that for me personally. I can't play too long because then the rest of the night. I'm paranoid I get freaked out by any little satellite. What's that with? The fuck is that it's like you know I'm not even playing a game anymore but I really do so far. I'm enjoying the game. I think you've done an incredible job especially for a sole developer. You're you're the only one that built this game correct. You did all the coding and everything. Yeah Yeah did everything that's correct. Yeah so far. I think that that right there in itself is amazing for understanding. What what the game looks like in the all the stuff that I I went through I was like wow incredible job so far and I really do enjoy Joe? Do you have anything to add to this. It's about the Moore's yes holidays for stepping out. I did play it yes. I mean as for sold developer. It's really it's good. It looks good Everything plays well. I'll admit it like I was this close to rage creating But I mean the game with the the concept of they quit Christmas saying the sounds of thunder first thunderclaps scared the fuck Outta me. I mean even even random like the thunder and shit mechanic gets you on on edge a little bit That's really good the candle system. And how did the candles and how they actually show where the matches that you light in your hand true you know. Like the flame shows wearing down to your fingertip and a lot of things like that but yet I've I've only played it to where I played it once. I couldn't find anything so I stopped playing not I didn't quit. I just stopped playing and then the second time I played it. I actually actually found because Chris was telling me about the crowbar. The key I finally found the key and unlocked the door and then the fucking roof started shaken and in Iran I left I ran out down to the by the front door this so then I stopped playing and then I played again and then I found the key and then I found the room with all the tools in it not oils and then. That's that's where I've stopped right. I was playing it right before. The podcast is to kind of keep it fresh in my mind but but yeah. That's the the only the only thing that kind of troubles me was the fact that there was like no direction as far as me unions higher mentioned if I could open and searching every room and then if if it wasn't for Christmas like advice I wouldn't really know have to look for a key because I found a letter that said you know if you need access to the office you know Let me know or something like that or get the key so I was like okay I know I have to find a key and then there was something else. There was another letter on the wall. That was talking about Buying the swamp or that was a newspaper article and I found that and I was like okay so Scott do something with the swamp is paper. Article T. so so kind of reminds me it's kind of like that missed. Feel because I remember. I don't know if you guys have ever played. Yes yes it. It's it's like that but it's missed with a survival survival horror because in missed their. Nothing's ever chasing you. It was just like go here. Find a puzzle finding a piece go back over here. Solve the puzzle. Go somewhere else over here. Find another piece or back a lot of back and forth but this one I mean you know there was just a tiny bit of sense of direction as far as like yes. I found the letter that said I had had to find a key. Okay I knew they had to find a key but My recommendation to put something in would tell tell you to find tools or you know because every time you load into the game unless you unless I don't know they're safe points but you start over over Like yeah so like I'm starting. Every time I stop and I play again I get to play a little faster because I know where everything's at so take it's taken me like three playthrough so far to find everything but now Chris is saying that I'm at the point now where I go back to the room when I open the door. There's that girl's picture on the over the fireplace. That's where the instances so. Yeah it's it's Scott it's got damn chill does on the sound sounds really great. Now mazing sound it's freaky. It's really freaky because like I guess You hear like footsteps like on the second floor when you're on the first floor and you hear footsteps and you like you're constantly like turning around like what the fuck is this. If you had the opportunity I would highly recommend to see about getting this game. Put in Biard. Oh man that it would be intense. This game would be those youtube videos. Where the guy is like screaming like so tits or something like that you know that that game or that guy's is doing that dungeon scary game? He's running into all these scary things and shit. I think that would be really great. I mean it's great now with a sound playing it on the PC but it it does take quite quite a few turns to actually Kinda like get progress into the game but Kudos to you for what you've done so far just on your own yeah. It's a really good. It's I mean it's yeah I mean I I really do. Enjoy the the puzzle element about the game like once I once I knew I had it like Joe said you know that you have to get the key. You know that you have to get a crowbar or get certain certain tools that you need to to progress through the game Being able to see what's chasing you a little bit would help being able to see the the monster or something something of that because right. Now you're you're you're wandering around the Manor and everything is scary Gary and all the thunder like Joe Joe said dishonor scared me so many fucking times whereas I goddamn it Goddamn Joseph. Why the hell you scare me? Because I know it's you and I know you're laughing your head off in and you know when when I broke the game and I saw that Monsour for the first time it literally scared the shit out of me. I want to go back and find that where I was streaming because I legitimately was scared and I think Joe Joseph. You saw that. I was scared of that literally. Like you shit yourself literally literally. Yeah I had to change my underwear after that. No not for reals but it literally scared me literally not..

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