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Another guy. No busted. I'm Monica Ricks. Live from the twenty four hour KFI newsroom. A woman has sued UCLA over a doctor who's been charged with sexual battery the lawsuit claims the university had multiple warnings about the OBGYN in the years leading up to his arrest court documents allege, the doctor had been investigated for misconduct in two thousand fourteen that's several years before he was accused of abusing to patients at UCLA health. The former doctor pleaded not guilty earlier this week to charges that he sexually abused patients in two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen UCLA says the man retired right before he was to be fired last year. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news Garcetti has ordered all LA city flags. Be lowered to have staff through Wednesday. It's an honor of an LAPD officer who is in honor rather, of the LAPD officer who died over the weekend, after having surgery related to an on duty car crash in two thousand fifteen the LA county sheriff. Stephanie who shunned the head has died in the hospital? Sheriff Alex us as a shooting in Hambro was random a motive rationale from the suspect that this million dollar question. Investigators say the killer shot the off duty officer Monday at Jack in the box. The LAPD says the man may have killed another person in LA. The man's also suspected of carrying out a series of armed robberies in San Diego. A business partner of rap mogul shook night has pleaded. No contest to charge of conspiracy to obstruct Justice. Mark Blankenship, was accused of arranging to celebrate a fatal hit and run that was under seal in nights murder trial can ship was sentenced yesterday to five years of formal probation, and he has to pay fifty five thousand dollars in restitution a woman charged in that case got the same plus community service night was sentenced in October two twenty eight years in prison for the fatal crash count trans has been digging out debris from a landslide on the Angeles crest highway there will be fewer rubbing engines, more birds and crickets, rolling the soundscape here until September. Number contrast, targeted this month to finish the job spokesman, Eric many VAR says the job site is hazardous enough to need a spotter and all I do is look at that mountain and whenever something comes down the yell and make sure that they get the crews protected. Many of our says crews use this special excavator called spider for the grades. It's slowly climbs across the hill and on top of the hill, just like a spider far says the delay to this fall is to build a new retaining wall in the Angeles national forest Chris ancarlo KFI news. The White House says a federal watchdog agency has violated presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway's rights by saying she should be fired. The office of special counsel unrelated to special counsel, Robert Muller says, Conway has repeatedly violated a law that bans federal workers from certain partisan activities off his calls Conway a repeat offender because she disparages democratic presidential candidates in media, interviews, and on social media President Trump says he'd be open to another country, given dirt on his rival in the twenty twenty election ABC's, George Stephanopoulos, asked Trump, whether his. Campaign would accept research from country like China or Russia and report it to the FBI. I think maybe do both. I think you might wanna listen. I don't this nothing wrong with listening seven apple mentioned that Al Gore, once called the FBI when he received a stolen briefing book, but Trump said theft is different from opposition research. Give me a break lifeless director says that's what should happen. The FBI director is wrong. Trump says he may call the FBI depending on the situation but he says a country offering opposition research is not the same as that country interfering in an election. These leader of Iran says his country is not interested in do over of nuclear talks with the US. I told the Ali Khamenei claims that Iran does not want a nuclear weapon. But even if it did America could do nothing to stop it from happening, the tola made the comments while visiting with the Japanese Prime minister who's been trying to have cooled down tensions between the US and Iran and lead prosecutor in the central park, five case has quit her job as part as a part time lecturer. At Columbia law school, Elizabeth letter says she's resigning, because of the negative negative publicity from a new miniseries that dramatizes the case when they see us tells the story of five teams from New York City, that were wrongfully accused of raping and beating a jogger in central park in one thousand nine hundred eighty.

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