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Know, actually give vice to somebody some friend of mine I'm like do yourself a favor if the if if the letter begins in your mad with any letter in the alphabet and it's bad. Get rid of it. Don't ever use. I'm going to end well for you. No matter what you think, in the moment that you might be winning some type of debate of some kind of, you're not. All right. Well, that's all it is. Okay. I'm fine with that happy Friday. We do have a lot of news to get to today. We now have learned an awful lot about Carter page, who we is that he worked for American intelligence, the American community. Meaning he was interviewed. He was on our side on a regular basis for such a long period of time, which then you know, lends itself to the question. Wow. How did they use this guy to this extent, and it kind of now is becoming transparent and obvious with what the attorney general is doing? And the deputy attorney general's letter Nadler, Boyd's letter Nadler, earlier this week, the expansion of what it is that Durham is doing. And, and the information that he's now seeking and he's gonna talk to Christopher Steele. The, you know save records requests that went out to the CIA this week, by the way, gene hospital. The CIA director, you know this things. I know something about Gina hassle that nobody else knows and I'm never going to reveal it only tell you that after nine eleven she was an American hero. That's all I can say. And I learned it in the course of just doing normal investigative reporting and stuff. And it is beyond impressive, and absolutely critical to America and the aftermath of nine eleven the search for bin Laden and all of these important things, and it was interesting to watch that, you know, rightly none of this stuff ever comes up, but I'm pretty sure that I got good Intel on that. And, you know there are a lot of people that's why you know, at times, I tell you this is hard. Because we know that we need the best intelligence because of the evil in the world that we live in. You know, look at what's happening in the in the Gulf, and the straits Hormuz, and, you know, the saber rattling of Iran, and these tankers that are hit and secretary of state house. Yeah, the, the Iranians did it. And, you know, the one miracle in all of that is you look at the straight, so hor Moos it is it is so narrow. It is so key. It is so strategically pivotal, and it all goes to the question I talk so often about the lifeblood of America's economy, being energy and the fact that for the first time in seventy five years, we are energy independent, we're now, net exporters of energy. And the reason we haven't gotten to this point beforehand is because like everything else that Donald Trump does everybody. Was afraid to do it. I mean, you, you, you think of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel so many presidents promised. They got talked out of it. They wouldn't do it too risky to political. And then the recognition of the Golan Heights as Israel's, too risky to political. But what a rate, a rainy, saber rattling has done putting the kashogi issue aside, which is not a small deal. I don't think there's been anybody medium more critical, the Saudis and, and countries like Saudi Arabia and, and the way they treat women and gays and lesbians and they kill them. That's they throw them off. Roofs stone them to death and rape marital. Rape is not a crime in some of these countries telling women how to dress women can't leave the house of the country without a male's permission. Not leaving the house without a male relative. You know, good luck building a synagogue. Good luck building a Christian church in some of these countries because Christians and Jews persecuted as just a daily occurrence in some of these countries and then we'd gone through them. And, you know, the remarkable thing is, is we've been dependent on Middle Eastern oil for way too long. And when you think of all of the benefits of being energy independent. It starts with we don't need. We have enough resources to be energy efficient, and then some for hundreds of years. We're told when you factor in natural gas oil coal, etc. And you say we'll well why those countries is so rich. This is the insanity of socialism, communism redistributionism in state ISM in Venezuela. If the Venezuelan government warrant so corrupt their leaders not so greedy that if you use the resources, which are so vast in Venezuela, ours, much more vast. And you've got you could literally raise everybody out of poverty in the hor-. Hey, Ramos arrested because he, he was interviewing the president Madero at the time. And literally showing him video of his own citizens digging out food from carbon truck that shouldn't happen in a country that has the kind of wealth and resources event, as well a similarly, you know, I always give out the Biden Obama, economic failures statistics, you know, there's no reason to have to add thirteen million Americans to food stamps. There's no reason that we had eight million more Americans in poverty in the worst recovery's in the forties. I have pushed this issue of energy so hard because we don't need their oil. We don't need to bow at the altar of countries often. That's often the case hate us. We not only can be energy independent, but which would, you know, all of these potential jobs in the energy industry. Remember when we partnered with companies in Oklahoma, Texas? And and North Dakota. And I it happened organically, I said on the air one day. You know, seeing what was happening in these places. And the, the oil, boom that was happening to bulk in particular in North Dakota. They're training people to be drivers there. Teach you and you'll start at eighty grand a year and you get all the overtime you want. Now, I said, just happen to say. Well, if I was at a dead end job, pay me forty grand a year. I can barely bake my rent. I'm driving an old jalopy which I lived that life for many years buying one hundred dollar truck one three hundred and fifty dollar car painting, my own cars doing the brakes tune-ups and, and I would never never trade that experience. Because I it made it really is ingrained in me and helped me be, who I am today. And so I just see this energy, boom, potential. We have now all of the rich wealth of, let's say these Middle Eastern countries that could. Be America if we have government, that's not corrupt if the if the free market, dictates the job the natural job creation, if we don't allow the environmental extremists, the climate change extremists to put the regulations in place that devastate any opportunity to tap into these vast resources that we have well that then creates more dependence again on countries that hate us and not only does it free us and, and make us more free and more, you know, less entanglements in foreign conflicts, it literally, then frees us from those entanglements, if we so choose, I don't think you ever break the alliance that we have with the only democracy in the region, which, of course, is Israel. But then you look at the forgotten men and women that drove the twenty sixteen election and then all these higher paying. Paying jobs come into play millions of them in the energy sector, and we're not dependent on foreign oil, and then we could literally now compete with bad actors, like Vladimir Putin and hostile regimes like Russia, which align themselves with Iran, and then we could. But the standard of living, you know, you go from making thirty forty fifty.

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