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It's KQED news. I'm terrorists. Tyler House Democrats today nominated San Francisco representative Nancy Pelosi to serve as speaker. If elected by the full House in January. It would mark her fourth term as House leader. KQED politics correspondent Marisa Lagos joins us to talk about what challenges may lie ahead for Pelosi. And Marissa. Unlike her last nomination to this post, No one challenged Pelosi this time around even after losing some seats this year to the GOP is that surprising? I don't think so. I mean, we are always seeing some turmoil within this Democratic caucus divisions between the more moderates who have a harder time defending their seats against Republicans and progressives who want to go further. But the truth is, I think Pelosi is in a pretty masterful job at navigating that on day. She's also promised to step down in two years. So I think that What we're seeing is going to be kind of a new phase in the challenges for Pelosi, but not one that's necessarily going to entirely becoming from her own house, and she's still going to need 218 votes on the House floor. Is she gonna have any trouble getting that? I don't you Well, I think there may be a couple not wanting to vote for her today. But if she can let a couple members lay off of that vote she may allow them to, But the truth is, you know, these folks are gonna be up for another two years. And that may be the least of their worries. By the time they're back on the ballot, right and 12 races are still outstanding, including two here in California. Republicans. Basically when all the tossup district's How does that reflect on Pelosi? I mean, it's not great. If you look at the hideaway, the national media has been covering it. There's a lot of hand wringing over whether the expectations by Pelosi and others of her deputies were overstated in terms of what they could do, But in some ways, I mean, we were on the same boat. We were all looking at the same polling. I think that many of those district's that Republicans were able To capture are truly purple district there Swing district. I'll tell you Terra, a couple of those cases down in Orange County, where Republicans with those seats, I think we're going to continue to see every two years. Those being real battles and the heads of both the Democratic and Republican Party in California agree with that assessment, and they don't always agree on a lot. Yeah, Pelosi, you know has been a very Formidable foe of President Trump's. How do you see her role changing now that she's on the same side as the incoming president? I mean, her number one job again is to keep her caucus together and to defend them. And so I think that that doesn't change. To some extent. The question Mark, of course, is the Senate and whether Democrats can take control there, which will make her job a lot easier if we are in a position where Democrats have both houses, and they're actually debating a green new deal. I think that there might be situations where you see some of those moderate Democrats peel off Truthfully, I think it's going to be a much more challenging situation. On the other side of the Capitol, Marissa Pelosi has promised to step down as speaker after another two years. What do you think's next for the party and who might take her place? Well, given the age of Speaker Pelosi and her top deputies. Steny Hoyer is 81 James Clyburn's 80. I think that we will see, hopefully Ah younger leadership coming up. Folks like Hakeem Jeffries from New York have been rumored to be in waiting for her position. I do think we're going to see a big fight, but at the end of the day, this is a party that is going to need another steady hand and somebody who's able To bring together these warring factions and having covered her for a while. I have a sense that Nancy Pelosi is kind of looking out at her caucus and is going to help hand pick or at least try to whoever her successor will be Thanks so much, Marissa. My pleasure. KQED politics Correspondent Marie Salah goes and I'm terrorist Tyler KQED news..

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