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Would fit in in the world of Heather's and right on. Yeah, and I just really haven't seen her. She's like I said before she'd done kind of small roles just Voice work and then too chilly here comes out and she actually has a starting role of the sedan and I found that to be really kind of a cool but not much of a traditional piece just because it's every which words to start here, right and like thirteen when she was like really young and I just seen actors mature and doesn't matter how many roles they've done. I mean if she never made another movie between 13 and this Thursday, Will be very impressed because I still think that she's a good actress if given the right role and I thought her role in this was actually really good and I'll let you change your character dead very much aware should begin in the movie theater where she ends up and I think beginning movies. She's really kind of relying on her family and two children are they near the end of the movie she starts to, you know, gain interest in and kind of like love to push yourself. She does have to rely on her family to give her love. She's learned how to give love herself and not even though the ending of jillionaire. I was like wait a bit here. So and I just bought a sports they have all this stuff gets robbed and they left all the toys their souls shoes off all the toys to get some money back and I'm pretty sure that Gina Rodriguez's character has Insurance of some sorts the end and felt It was open-ended. I wouldn't a better television but yet I understand where it ends in there and I thought that she put a wide range of emotion and this movie as well as your dollars and thirteen and if you ever seen thirteen watch it, do not dismiss the fact that yes Catherine hardwicke has directed. The first was called Twilight movie, right? But thirteen was your first movie. She ever actually directed Catherine hardwicke was a production designer on many movies, I think for the Coen brothers and what not. But yeah, I always forget that she directed that but I you know, that's an interesting movie and it is interesting that while you were talking I brought up a list of Evan Rachel Wood movies and you're totally right. Like I haven't seen her in many of these things either idea across the universe and then whatever works the the Woody Allen movie with with Larry David. Yeah, you know, but yeah, I haven't seen a lot of her movies that's interesting. I can't be able to wrestler birth. She was withdrawn the wrestler was Mickey work. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, she's just got a pretty wide range were pretty big Variety in what she does and and I think she you know, she brings that to to this job performance cuz she does have a pretty big Arc with you know coming to some kind of grips. I mean, she's so like strange in the beginning of the movie, you know, and she still is by the end but she's really starting to kind of, you know, come to a place of wanting to grow and and wanting to have something better for yourself. Oh definitely. Definitely. Yeah. Do you have any other choice is to share? Sure I I'm going to go one last one and this one it's kind of also just kind of a throwaway I think but it's from a line in the movie from Gina Rodriguez when she says My favorite movies are the ocean 11 movies. I'm pretty psyched about being in an actual Heist. It's so I figured we have to bring up Ocean's Eleven. You know that that goes along with I mean, I think when we did the American animals episode a couple of years back, we used Ocean's Eleven as a puzzle piece for that movie, you know, it kind of goes along with anything highest related. You kind of gotta bring that back up and well these guys are their sights are set much smaller on simple insurance fraud and robbery and stuff like that. But but still, you know, it's just talking about the the classics when it comes to highest have to be inspirational in a way when making something like this. Oh hell yeah. Yeah. Yeah true that off. So I am going to go ahead and do the finished puzzle and list out all of the movies. We just talked about here while talking about kazillion are that includes dead? Paris a Dirty Rotten Scoundrels dogtooth American animals Tokyo Godfathers, welcome to me Paper Moon a bunch of Richard Jenkins films Little Miss Sunshine American Beauty a bunch of Evan Rachel Wood films and Ocean's Eleven. So we got you know a great list here, you know, a lot of a lot of con men and people doing bad things for money along the car minutes, especially families. Yes dysfunctional families as well. I mean, that's what it comes down to hear them have any other like major thoughts about this movie that we didn't quite get into throughout the puzzle pieces. Well the thing too, I mean to jillionaire it starts of really kind of strong family and then when Gina Rodriguez character is brought into the midst I'm thinking okay. Well now things are going to get really good and you think that there's a time you log The family that both of mom and dad are working with us at the character against everyone's Woods character and then it just kind of switched around when both wage would structure and her become friends and there's also a moment to where I think the family has really changed her mind about what they've done and then they just took them. Yeah, and I was like, I was laughing so much that part came on. I'm kind of go over the whole plot here and I really should be doing that for people who have not seen this movie that I apologize immensely Thursday. We always expect people to have watched the movie before they get into this thing. Okay, now that there's parts of left offered to but I only the whole story about a woman who has been relying on her family and she kind of comes into her own. I thought that was good. I just I just went there to be more of an end. I wonder her to confirm. Her family, there were moments where everage was character confronts her mom and dad about the way she feels and you know, nothing has changed. I want there to be a motion to that movie where the character expresses how she feels and I never really got that she seemed to be type up Blank Slate. The only time I ever saw her have any type of reaction to everything was when they were at their convenience store and she's like just when I grab stuff and she was like try everything he does which was growing up. She never had pancakes before her parents never actually gave her life, but food to enjoy everything was just eat to survive. Sure. That's why they were they were each.

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