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The youtube is broken. They take that from us quickly. But jim is going down. O kansas city met with the fill. You take up me take. That's it so about that S that's what i'm talking about. Tank is full form said and now we go fifty dollars foot law bill. Because i'm gonna be there all day. This three hour crowd one way. Three our pride and other way and i'm sure coming back going to traffic. That's going to be rush hour. That's going to be tom. People get out of work so that should be panetta's it might not be new evening show because it because i know floyd good deal of time if if logging one thirty minute and we definitely gonna have with evening show but if oi don't get there at one thirty like you say is and this is to be fucking. I'm gonna be out there until he come. I gotta wait on. You know what i'm saying. We got away to everybody was up to shout out to everybody sending love. It was a good morning. We recommend sat out to the internet man. I this wasn't gonna work. Thought it wasn't going to work but this is work. And hey i can't be mad. I can't be mad. You have a nice day yourself mint dolores. Nice day is so ness became in the fill or backfill. Okay back we al network will see well this racist in the truck. Now francis away in watertown wisconsin. He's doing what he's doing here. I'm trying to carefully onto his beauty florida's wide open like this like you know. Lanes open traffic denise with the cash for me where the point to that easy were ports and easy shots at the niece i love it i love it i love it appreciate in in on thursday guy ryan award out not wearing a hat case. Jake paul take gotcha j. Pulling your mind boggling it. Yo you know thing are today saying either today or friday. Might be announcement for the j. paul. Tyrod what is it rolling tyrant taibbi. Maybe time sat out to everybody. Good morning everybody man. We got some exciting news tv. Man i'm telling you as a community some exciting news with some new ventures that we are doing that's already in full than the play the play and We rocket we were really busy. Working man. it's gonna be a wonderful journey. I'm actually gonna end this. Because i got so many make family. You're starting a business. A lot is going down and I gotta i gotta get on the horn and on say i'm trying to make sure my man francis. My real amount has to identify season. We still we still rock into the nineteenth gymnasts still running shit. The nineteen algorithm. No man. i'm trying to make sure my people's e. And i think i got a win of this on the i gotta be excited man. You're going to be like this. That was always your call them. That's what you're gonna tell me. But we announced this new venture going to say. Yeah that was always a call. This was this was. This was a natural eunice. And i'm gonna be like you might will go. I got to confirm so..

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