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Gang a fucking children till all your kids we like we're going to be i don't care if you're in school anybody who lined up should've gotten like a thing that said that they come back and pay their age 'cause i'm sure there were kids who were pretty excited when you go to the website the top it has an alert like it's from the fucking government red banner alert mines have closed for pay your age day event her local authorities we cannot accept additional guest people rioting and like turning cars over we have closed lines in our us anyway does build a bear no joke that wasn't the moral build a bear they will fuck shit be taken seriously all right that's gonna do it for this week's weekly zeitgeist please liken reviews the show you like the show means the world to mind key he needs your validation folks i hope you're having a great weekend and i will talk to you monday by our world is full of the unexplainable mysterious events unusual objects and people who defy the tiny little categories that make us feel safe i'm erin minke most days i'm writing and producing the hit podcast lor now i'm opening the doors of my own virtual room of wonder with aaron mckie's cabinet of curiosities every tuesday and thursday you'll get a guided tour through some of the most bizarre corners of history from unexplainable moments and coincidences to people and objects that have come with unusual backstories consider this your invitation visit apple podcasts dot com slash curiosities today to subscribe and listen for free step inside gather round i'd like to take you on a tour welcome to the cabinet of curiosities

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