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To be easier to use more reliable than paper immunization cards medical results often or not even printed in a way. It's easy to to to interpret our system in verify health records since the pandemic has devastated the travel industry airports and rome paris and singapore as well as airlines like jetblue and united are experimenting with similar apps they will compete for a slice of the global market for travel health services and certifications which eight okay estimates is worth nearly twenty billion dollars. Travel industry. experts say this type of digital health certificate could be a game changer not just for tourism but live events and schools. So here's how digital health passports work travelers. Who weren't able to take a cove in nineteen tests before departure at this airport in rome can get swabbed at a testing sites set up by the airport. While waiting for the result passengers can download the eight. Okay pass up an input. Their personal information like their birthday and email address within thirty minutes. The result is available if the traveler tests negative. The app creates a unique. Qr code that serves as proof. I believe this clip tells us exactly. What is coming don't i. There's a twenty billion dollar industry which is already being rolled out by making testing available at the airport. This clip had some video of it. And you see poor schmuck travelers with with You know in cubicles with swith sticks being jabbed into their face They will never do a vaccine only passport. The way this is going to go down a to tap into the money is it can be your vaccinated or you have a recent test that shows you are not that you are negative and the whole idea is just like tsa frequent. You know the the the clear pass tsa pre is if you take the vaccine. He won't have this hassle otherwise you're gonna have to get a task every single time you get on an airplane and it's going to be everywhere and it will be domestic in the united states too and this will naturally force people towards getting the vaccine. Well let's hope there's some really talented lawyers out there. That put a stop to that. She she breaking news about the johnson and johnson fetal matter-of-fact scene and this morning johnson and johnson saying will soon test their single shot does on children even newborns and pregnant women putting putting newborn cells in the newborns Yes this is not a vaccine people. It's a medical device. They're lying to you. It's not a vaccine to medical device. That works didn't at a nuclear. When you call malik molecular level it's disgusting. That was the most depressing opening for quite a while. Well then Let me see if i can make you feel better with the these words from one of our favourite preachers Before we get into let's pray heavenly farts heavenly father. Nothing like what. Say heavily heavily father heart. Let me see if there's anything else we need to do on the i mean. I have clips. I'm sure you've got some vaccines said. I wanna get rid of and this is a local. You did your local thing on austin. I'm gonna do this. This is our local thing this k. Q. e. d. our local station on the reopenings. Because we're going to be reopening and you're going to hear some reporting especially clip number two some very talented reporters take you easel. I'm sorry i'm sorry. Local women that work. But let's here's the open is important that their local women is just imported their local talents. That is talent a kick you at. Ease leslie mcclurg. She spoke with afternoon host. Tara siler and leslie. These counties can now join san mateo and marin which moved from the purple to the red tier last week reminders. Us of what changes we can expect under the red tier. It's lots of fun stuff. It'll make things like shopping a lot easier because more people will be allowed inside a time with limited capacity based on the county some fun activities can now be available like the ferris wheel for example inside golden gate park. Here's a pretty formal list. From james r williams. He's the county council in santa clara. County retail museums zoos and aquariums movie theaters gyms and fitness centers and significantly indoor dining grew and finish up that. That's that's clip one. Okay then we'll go to clip to where we do also have london. Breed comes in here. She talks about people wearing masks. The mask mass mask and then we have a kind of in debt. You know we have the these reporters who get paid real money and have a limited vocabulary but it seems and mayor. London breed emphasized that. This is really good news. Really good news. Things are opening up but we have to be careful to prevent these lockdowns from happening again in the future. So that means that for example. When you're at a restaurant waiting for your table keep your mask on when your weight or walks up to tackle. Put your mask on when you go to the restroom. Put your mask on so leslie. Yes we have been here before in the red tier. What's to say that reopening won't put us right back into another surge. It's a really big really big really big question. Mark i mean. I remember last fall when we went into the yellow tier and san francisco and we were all thrilled that we were finally kind of out of the dark days and it seemed like before i knew it i was back reporting on the fact that surges were really spiking. Really spiking really spiking and so it really depends really depends really depend and officials are really urging really urging folks to take this really seriously really seriously because if viral transmission goes up and we see a spike in cases rise and hospitalizations rise these openings and closings are based on data. We will shut back down so it all depends on how seriously and how careful we are as the public so that we won't go back to the purple tier and remove hopefully into the orange tier instead in a few weeks johnson. Do you find the time the purple tier to the orange tier No no purple red to orange. You gotta get this guy got it. All here is correct. That was yes. You have some great talent up there over there. Were there on the left and with that. I feel it is time for me to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you. The man who put the sea in the pcr lowered in ontario to thirty five. John oh there. It is old american beer. I had no idea there were so many paths.

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