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This is not a rumor lamy castle one hundred percent definitely is out next year at front row motor sports now that in and of itself maybe saw that big of a shocker it's not like lena gas was burning up the world but he wasn't doing poorly either on the other half of the front were motorsports equation david reagan we don't know about yet but dave reagan says he expects to be back at front row motorsports next year now he has the win for the team i'll be a long time ago lynn cassel does not um but the part that was most interesting meat to me about this is that the reason that lynn cassel says he was given was that firmer motorsports wanted to go in a different direction because they were making quote radical changes for two thousand eighteen now i didn't remember at the time that i i read this but then when it went back through notes and looked those guys have three charters they bought one of the bk racing charters and the least it out to try star motorsports services seventy two his nieto today um and they're getting that back so they could get that back in they could go three cars or they could lease one of their other charters that they have i think they've got i think they could probably do either of the other two and so what are the radical changes uh lynn cassel being out a okay i think that's a a decent size story but radical changes could mean a really big story i just don't know this late in the season what a radical change could be like for those guys.

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