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She also had another a medical procedure that she lives streamed she got her vagina done i don't even think it was vaginal rejuvenation i think it's like some other kind of jonah procedure maybe she just had to be dazzled maybe onto some quick couples news the weekend is dating shantelle jeffries not bella hadid bella did actually clarified something that we spoke about last week she did not make out with him at coachella it was just a lookalike about look alike his shantelle jeffrey is a model who previously dated justin bieber wow yet yeah yeah it's like high school isn't it like everybody's just dating everybody it's like the famous people in the models and the musicians they all go to this little tiny high school and they all just bone the crap out of each other yeah mariah carey's former manager stella stoppers suing her claiming that mariah wrongfully terminated her and basically smearing her also like making really career damaging allegations that mariah was talking about dead people and other things and also that mariah's sexually harassed her we've heard that before marines last week yeah mariah is denying all of these allegations also zane malik was fired by his manager really yes fired because of rumors rumors about things going on with him and also reports of his abusive behavior towards her staff there's some drama in zan's cam also he geegee adid maybe back together he was spotted at her apartment and he spent the night there are kelly's publicist law lawyer and assistant all quit following more.

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