President Trump, Coke And China discussed on 24 Hour News


A group funded by coke undermine China's efforts to curb obesity by over emphasizing the importance of physical activity rather than dietary habits, according to new research, the international life sciences institute, or I l sl was created by former coke executive and is funded by companies, including McDonald's PepsiCo in China at organized, obesity conferences, focusing on physical activity with speakers, including cope funded researchers and a coke executive the group enjoyed close ties to government health agencies because of the stature of his longtime leader, according to papers in the B M J and the journal of public health policy, a Harvard scholar who wrote the paper's says Iowa is activities show the difficulty in assessing how food makers could skew public policy around the world. I'll says it does not profess to have been perfect in its forty year history. Day twenty I may Donahue with an AP news minute. The partial government shutdown continues for workers like Jamie, Rodney with housing and urban development. They are supposed to get their next paychecks tomorrow. But they won't. Mortgage and Renton, hey, we have student loans to pay we have daycare cuts to pay bills to pay. We need our paycheck. Now, President Trump is in Texas near the border with Mexico. There were supporters and protesters there earlier President Trump talked about declaring a national emergency. No

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