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KFBK Now trending, California's covered 19 positivity rate is the lowest It's been since May, the governor says, though, that can all change of state doesn't continue to be smart. Sacramento, not defending the police. The second City Council looks like it's going to move forward with a plan that would you wrecked, redirect money from the city budget to what they're calling a participatory budget fund. But Mayor Steinberg says it's unlikely the council will reduce its public safety budgets and police budgets to support that new fund. And now at 5 47 wildfires big story across Northern California again this afternoon. Joe Michaels is live from R K pick a wildfire desk with details well it'sjust in Governor, Gavin Newsom issuing an emergency proclamation for the county of Sisk you because of the fires they've burned over 120,000 acres there, destroying homes and other buildings, forcing the evacuations of thousands of residents. The governor, also declaring a state wide emergency due to the widespread fires and extreme weather conditions, and he secured a presidential major disaster declaration to bolster California's emergency response to the Northern California wildfires. Three people in Butte County have died as a result of the bear fire. It exploded in size Wednesday and is now being classified as part of the North Complex of fires I heart media's Mike Baka says. Wednesday's wild weather shifts are the reason the West Zone of the north complex has grown to more than 70,000 acres within about a 90 minute period yesterday, they were saying That it's moving in a northerly direction. Then they were saying northwesterly direction, then they so it shifted south, and that's kind of commonplace. Right now they're saying it's moving suddenly a little bit there still doing a lot of structure protection in the forest town area. Brush Creek, Feather Falls and the Lumpkin Ridge area. Decreasing winds. Lower temperatures and higher humidity are allowing cruise to aggressively fight fire and developed containment lines today, but lack of visibility continues to be a factor as heavy smoke in the area of the fire is hampering the ability of aircraft to fight the fire from above the focus going forward is to strengthen fire lines to protect threatened populations and begin damage inspections. And in Yuba County crews of up contain into 1300 acres on the containment to 15% on the 1300 acre willow fire. It continues Kitty to threaten about 700 homes in the vicinity of Neptune Leg and Willow Glen Road That's north of Smart Ville. Now, if you want a little more detail and in depth further further in death House that on the California wildfires and not our website, even an interactive map wow. Kfbk dot com BACKSLASH Fire Tim Lance doing a great job on that, By the way, let's give him a tip of the old. Walk up right? So tips. There we go. Thank you. Joe Michaels reporting their traffic and weather together Now we'll head over to the tip. Dana has you know somebody once said I was south of smarts Ville? Sure exactly what they brought to you by Caltrans. I five H O V project and there still working the accident scene. He's bound to get riverside additive here out there in the Northeast corner. That's where it's slowing down to split. For instance, 10 minutes on eastbound Camp City just A little heavy and on out to Roseville is also about 10 minutes for that slowing isn't riverside. There, boys downtown l groups have high five is 11 minutes about 13 minutes. Now on 99 little activity is you make your way down between Mac and Sheldon is starting to clear up already. If you're going to fold some 18 minutes, son eastbound 50 downtown toward the North 5 16 minutes. Came downtown Davis West about 80 gonna be a nine minute drive. Eastbound looks really good, too. Starting this Friday night through the weekend, multiple on and off. Ramps will be closed along I five in Sacramento. Tick text fix. Sacked 581257 a real time project Alerts are visit fixed. Act five dot com To get details. Travel gone the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 camp, okay? Ari thinks, Dana. Now we gotta look at that kfbk forecast. Air quality.

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