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Renewal at Elaine, you talk about ram Madrid trying to raise funds from page of Martha yesterday Guardia Ota, once east co- as possible replacements davits silver, of course, announced that this'll be his last season city. Is there any chance of this one? Go ahead. Honestly, don't know. I must admit this early stage. I don't really see it on not saying it's impossible, but I don't really say I suspect that what we're seeing and what we will see for out the summer sporting merits, one signed me, don't believe anything, anyone tells you in the summer least of all me, so that pretty much sums it up. I suspect the what we're seeing at the moment is Real Madrid. Wondering whether I wonder if there's a way of generating interest in his wonder if there's a way of trying to tell clubs who might be interested in him as well the by the way, they're of a bigger clubs interested in him this feels to me. Although I say this purely interpretive, this isn't based on, on hard information this early stage. This feels to me like an a if you like kind of dip in that in the waters, try and find out what might be they're sticking with Sissy. You mentioned it before, of course, it looks like robbery, we'll be heading from Atletico Madrid to Manchester. How good is he said? Well, I think he's very, very good. Indeed. I think this is a football of the physician in that deep midfield role has just everything. He never totally gets like into second. Worst gets all the time. I mean all the time you almost can't go more than five seconds of anyone mentioning rotary without some. Oh, and he's the new stuff gets in theory. At least he could even do some of the things that Bush gets doesn't do physically he's a bit more imposing he's a little stronger. He's a fraction quicker but fundamentally his game is about positional senses about reading things in is about the possibility. I think if he can adapt quickly to the Premier League into that city side. And I think he's a signing that makes complete sense and you know why I suppose he is the closest thing to boost kits. And of course, it was Guardia who took boost gets from almost total anonymity and into the Bacelona. I is it a decade ago? Also now, and this is a player who I think he will see as being someone who fits, very, very closely with quad yoda's ideal of how you think he's a great foot. And I think in a way surprise that boss on themselves want more interested year ago when his buy out clause was just over twenty million instead of now, when it seventy million the tone, see a lot of let's get this much on a show say, but just going back to athleti out HAMAs Rodriguez, many thought that he was going to Napoli like that was going to happen. However, owned a thorough reporting that he could stay Madrid. But play now for athletic. Yeah. I mean, his, his dad said that the best option was to work with call Angeletti again, doesn't the nothing that tells you something about if you like, the, the, the need for kind of pastoral care, the need to feel comfortable to feel I teams around him a lot of what we said about gel, gel pellets. I think he's probably applicable famish Rodriguez as well. Fantastic talented player how well he would fit in, in that. Let's go style. So I'd all could this be the beginning of Simione and kind of breaking with some of that density? I must confess this early stage. I'm slightly Julius about this one satellite TV. Thank you very much. Just reminded keep up today with all the latest transcend Asian go to the website and click on transfer talk. US soccer stars like Tobin. Heath guy, Lloyd, Mallory Pugh and others are getting paid a lot of money by Hulu..

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