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I know music in all its forms there's classical that I like there's rob there's metal there's hip hop there's a but I always see you could imagine if the Kirk by more quickly we might not attach the same things that we went to the floor. USDA says the changes are intended to modern vent future assaults as well every time I read kit sits on the south there's the potential for another person to be victimized by that offender and all the while the DNA to stop that person because societal ripple effects Don Blair Grove of the North Carolina. Just just as policy center says rural areas across the country are struggling with high rates of imprisonment the largest populations that are being incarcerated are actually being incarcerated in rural counties a woman had a disproportionately high incarceration rate playgroup notes the change from lockups to citations has reduced the number of people in in jail in Wilson County she hopes the experiment can be a blueprint for police departments across the state. I'm Nadia Ramlan nearly sixty nine million Americans can back to see an increase of one point six percent in social security benefits in twenty twenty the social security administration announced the cost of living adjustment on Thursday which amounts to about twenty four dollars a month more for the average retired worker if you see one decapitated that's the warning from Georgia wildlife officials for anyone who may come across a northern snakehead the invasive fish species was spotted in upon earlier this month in can exist out of water for days northern snakeheads have no natural predators in North America and have been boarded in fourteen states I'm Mary Sherman for Public News Service member and listener supported and online the public news service dot freely a wild week six the NFL lots of surprises good and bad chiefs rams chargers I think y'all got some problems have the Zona cardinals found something with cuyler Murray and this Guy Cliff Kingsbury because you know what the offense seems to have clicked at least the last couple weeks to in a role for them I have to admit again man this guy is getting better every single week his effort it's contagious guys like him and they played very very hard for Kyle lowry Denver Fan you gotTa Win finally jets fan you also gotTa Win and you know what it was over the Dallas cowboys and the cow girls baby they lose once again you have silenced that fan base for two weeks in a row because the occurs did it last week as they went to big D and chef those guys down unbelievable the jets followed up as darnold comes back and and Bam Bam the cowboys go down and let me tell you what it's a beautiful thing when you have that fan base quiet Washington fan you got in his well it was against the dolphins but it still counts let me tell you what man unbelievable stuff in the NFL Texans seahawks Saints Raven I think they're all looking like playoff teams only a couple of teams that are still get to get themselves win the Bengals Oh and six they're dreadful Miami your own five your dreadful as well a couple of teams that are still undefeated and it's amazing the forty niners plan fired football with a punch no-name running backs they look fantastic they're five and then the Patriots man they just do it better than anybody else in the business six just some quick thoughts from the Dorfman.

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