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I wouldn't like crank it up. I've tried that before and it hasn't gone very well because it's on. I can put it back to otto. The i don't think i'm really gonna know unle- until i actually hear the file so i don't know if i'm going to be able to tell despite this i i say let's just go for your what's your problem. Let's let's let's start. Let's let's start the qna right now. What's your problem. I mean i guess probably relates to growing up in a family with six kids being introvert and never finding a place to kind of be alone right. I think probably stems from that. I could be. There's a lot of religious baggage i would imagine. Sure i'm being the only male child without a twin probably problem and also the third child. Third born least wanted probably. The third child is always a little weird. I think it's like we had a unit. We had a good solid unit. Here we've already proven we can do this twice a third. You really need a third. We'll see i look at it like i give the rough draft right Yeah you're like. Okay where do everything we can to protect it. Because this is like the only woman i've done and then you have the sacking draft and it's like okay this one's got like a bunch of notes on it and you're like okay the third one. I'm turning this. Want in and then it you get home. Return an in. We've we've had our. We've taken our lumps as parents and then they just started just pumping out more babies right. Just just well that rain. It was like okay. We're not going for quality anymore. Just quantity that's what we're doing thorough a bunny at the steaks and hope one of them works out and then they had a groupon for the last two. That worked out. Interestingly enough none of us really worked out no no that's a that's a cautionary tale in it. Yeah it's very rare that you'll have six kids and they all turn out to be you know not not great right and the beauty simple as the expectations. Lower the disappointment. Somehow it gets see. I i think there is something genetic here because it could be that. It's just these two people were minted produce human being right or not as many right because like now. Their attention is so divided Maybe we just put all our eggs in one asks you know get it. I mean as a parent. You know it's like you have all these different like your expectations are so different ryan. And that's what. I realized if you lower your expectations The chance of being disappointed. Or less i used to be like. Oh my son will be you know. Maybe he can be president someday and then at the end. You're just like as long as he outlives me. I feel like i did. Okay president. I never thought president would be a great thing for a child like i. It's always a weird thing to wish on a child but guarantees they move out because they get their own they get their own residents exactly at least forty. That's what i'm i'm campaigning. For heavy right. So i think i think the mike needs to come in a little closer to the mouth like you see what i'm doing i mean i'm i'm in a saying you gotta deep throat you dead dude. I am like i'm cross eyed looking at this thing you're in you're right there you're in you can't ever move now all right so so here we go okay. Let's count it down dot live four three job one county down again without the sarcasm. This time i was pretty good the attitude please get get farther away from the mike Right steve got questions for you. I got questions for me. I'm gonna start with a question for you. Know this question is from anthony in dayton ohio Do last names. Steve season three was bare heavy. How do you feel about bears. I got mixed. i got mixed feelings on bears. I'm on record on record. In fact you were interviewed just recently in our local newspaper yet. The actually ktbs channel two news Was on the ten o'clock news. As i was is that was pulling into my shared driveway. An easement if you will. I saw this guy trump through my yard with a very large camera in a very large tripod. so you have no idea who he was. He's not back news. Well i was already to give attitude. i yeah. I stepped out of my car because he was making his way towards my house and i was going to do the can. I can help you friend. You know like the the you know when you say friend. Oh man that is that cuts. Sure already i you know. And then he says to have you heard about the bear merely let my guard down immediately all my attitude she does. I was probably bluffing. Even myself i probably was back story for the listeners here. I guess there was a bear sighting near your house. numerous there's numerous bear sightings Via the nextdoor app we've People have been showing that there. Little cameras shown bear nearby. I even talk to a person at work at the male post office annex yesterday. And she's like. Oh yeah that bear that bears been around for a long time just not in that area we just took just got lost and this apparently is news worthy in sebastopol right. 'cause we don't get bears apparently but to some people like the there you just look for this time. You don't have to look for the shows up. This is what happens when you have like these social media apps these next door apps. I mean there are bears probably been you know now that we have so many cameras cameras on everything cameras on our mailboxes. Are doorbells of bears. Don't get an anonymity anymore at all. So it's not. it's not the bears. I don't think that are different. It's us so so. How do you feel about these bears. I like bears. I and i said this on the news. And i'll and i'll reiterate Doesn't make it less true now that we're doing the same interview i i. I really liked the idea on parties. I like the idea of senior. And then there's another apartment like i don't know if i ever need to see a bear. And it's a wrestling match internally. It's tough because it's by saad been own. My wife was very clear. Like you saw bear thing like i was like i would love to see a bear. And she's like if you saw bear right. Now you can handle it. Come on. I can handle bear like there was a bear in our backyard. You would freak out on my. I really like irritated because of my no..

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