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Thirty one good morning I'm David first with these news headlines in less than twenty four hours twenty nine people were killed about fifty were wounded into mass shootings in different parts of the country over the weekend twenty people were killed when a gunman opened fire in el Paso Texas shopping area nine died when a gunman wearing body armor opened fire in a popular night life area in Dayton Ohio president Donald Trump is claiming he wants a strong background checks for gun users but is providing no details on what sort of legislation he would support the president is expected to talk about the mass shootings around ten o'clock this morning from the White House we will bring you that live here on WNYC the Florida man behind the mailing of sixteen packages of inoperative pipe bombs targeting thirteen famous Democrats and CNN is scheduled to be sentenced in New York today defense lawyers will urge leniency for fifty seven year old Cesar say OFC they say he committed his crimes after he became increasingly obsessive paranoid and angry believing enemies of president from poor trying to hurt him and other trump supporters prosecutors say a life sentence is necessary and appropriate after sale caused widespread fear and panic in the days before the twenty eighteen mid term elections none of the packages exploded New York state senator John Lou says in light of recent cyclists batalla these it might be time to reconsider the size of vehicles allowed to move around on city streets the city has existing size and weight limitations for vehicles on most roads but loose as those limits may need to be reevaluated in a city that anyone the growing density we don't need to consider whether he's over sized vehicles even have a place in our city the city's department of transportation says of the eighteen city cyclists killed so far this year ten were struck by truck drivers seventy three degrees right now mostly sunny skies today in New York City heading up to a high of eighty four welcome back to news out coming up next we look at the world of white nationalist extremism in the wake of the el Paso shooting but first Hong Kong the chief executive of the territory Carrie lam has warned the city is on the verge of a very dangerous situation off to protest as blocked roads and power lies train services during morning rush hour response of a city wide strike let's go to Hong Kong and speak to our correspondent Stephen McDonell I'm Stephen it set late in the evening now just describe what sort of day it's been it was interesting if Carrie lam says it's on the verge of a very dangerous situation of this in a very dangerous situation is because the diet with had battles islands all over the city and probably about a ten or a dozen different locations to a gas fights between both protesters and also just gentleman's in the community and the riot police this is all in part to support a strike.

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