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And Here's George Wallace. All right. John Washington a few days away from the opener against the Chargers on Sunday, Ron Rivera putting Curtis Samuel on the short term IR he announced today has missed at least three weeks. He's had the growing injuries been on the Covid list, so give him a chance to just Rehab, and he did acknowledge the coach did that. Samuel trying too hard to get back on the field right now, so giving him some time to rest. He will not play at least for three weeks, says the team will face L. A. On Sunday at 10 clock. Ravens Vegas Monday night Ravens signing another running back after losing Gus Edwards yesterday they signed Latavius Murray Today It's four running back signed this week. By John Hardball and the squad. College Football. Big One tomorrow at the Naval Academy should be a pretty good seen as Navy facing Air Force on the 20th anniversary of 9 11 Navy had come Kanye Modelo knows what it means that they changed. Our country forever. Um, so it's It's great to be able to play in the game to remember those people and to honor them, Um, very hungry. 3 30 tomorrow from Annapolis, Maryland, will face Howard tomorrow night in college Park, trying to go to an O Virginia and Illinois 11 am kick off tomorrow morning set those alarms. And the coffee and bagels and done. So is the tailgate going to be bagels, donuts call through or is it going to be working on the normal? We're still working on that. All right. It will be breakfast, then pictures toward Wallace. W T o p Sports lots of coffee. Thank you, George 1 47 U. S. A life insurance was made for busy families who have big plans. But very little time. Who's to do lists never stopped growing Like most of us, they think I should probably sit down and look into life insurance one of these days, But, ironically, life gets in the way. There's football practice and ballet and vacations to plan and Hey, the grass isn't gonna mow itself and on and on the good news is getting a quote from us. A life insurance company is fast. So it's a decision that doesn't take a lot of time or peace and quiet to make.

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