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I mean this could be the cover of like a gang movie you know. It's just like this one lady's rounded by these dudes and she fucking owns them. Which i love you. Just get outta here. We need to be with her. You know you're doing the right thing. Just leave good for her. Yeah just little jodie foster. Judy forced to thirty four. Thirty four. so do you want to talk about cassi lemons. Now no i wanna you don't wanna save. Okay i do. I want to talk about brooks will eternally be katherine brooke smith anytime. See her in anything. When we didn't in her shoes i was like. Oh my god tony. Don't get too attached to her. She's gonna help a guy with a couch with a van. And it's gonna be all down the well from there. I you know she. What's heartbreaking about that scene. First of all that you know it's going to happen but also that the cat is in the window. Little watcher cheaper just helplessly watching no. He's hungry because she's coming home. She's like oh yes. Come on give me that. Fancy feast and so i mean the only upside is. I'm sure that once. They figured out she was missing. Somebody went to her apartment. Took care a little cheaper for sure. Should be fine. But i am now by the end. She's got princess so this princess cheaper and cheaper absolutely. Yeah so. I fell in love with brooke throughout the movie. Obviously when you know well. I'll get to that in a second but the first scene. She's singing along to an american girl. I love love this car scene. They didn't necessarily need it. She is belting her brains out. She's like trying the harmony. She's doing the backup she. Hasn't this great riff. And i was like. Oh oh okay. Say nothing of that hair. That great hair hair. That scene i. I love that scene. I love that song. And i know you probably hate that song. I love that song. And she the riff that she puts in see. It's god i'm so into that scene. I just heard tom petty. And i just went into a few y- having your eyes out. Yeah you're shoving moths in your mouth..

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