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Mob partners Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito and the Italian American crime syndicate. So they didn't want to call it the mob. And I mdb, you know? Well, you can't cross certain lines on the On the D B man, I guess so. This movie stars Bobby D as James Conway first build a tad surprising I think they had to because he was the biggest star going into the movie. Okay, Fair. It's like in Batman. When Nicholson was the first building he was the Joker. Sure that my contract I would assume that checks out. All right, Ray Liotta as Henry Hill. He's great in one of my favorite characters of all time. I'm going to point this out to you early in the movie. He is an ugly young man, but late in the movie is a handsome older gentlemen well seventies and the eighties that was in my notes, but Just really, really strong. No. Taking you. Joe Pesci is Tommy DeVito, of course, won the Oscar Lorraine Bracco is Karen Hill is every part is good As those first three she got nominated for best supporting actors. She probably should have won, but you lose, too will be a would be right. Paul Sorvino place. Paul Cicero, Frank Severo Place Frankie Carbone. Let me point this out to you, Frank Severo has the worst hair I have ever seen in my life won't last year anyone's ever seen. It's an actual Chia pet so good. What a Sony good, like what is happening with his? I don't know. I don't want you to ask questions. I think it's the greatest thing a long time. I'm just starting out. Every scene that he was in. I was lost because of his hair. By the way, this cast lists you could have just used their their real names, and it also would have worked in the movie. Tony Darrow, Sonny Buns. Mike Stars Frenchy Frank Vincent As Billy Batts obviously plays a central role. Chuck Lo is Morris Kessler. Frank DiLeo is tutti Cicero, Henny Youngman as himself. I don't know who that person is. Gina Mastrogiacomo. It's a real pies on right there. Janice, the girlfriend, first girlfriend on then Marty Scorsese's parents actually play a role here. Catherine Scorsese plays Tommy's mother, the one that makes him the dinner at three on Charles Scorsese Place, Vinnie. I don't know of any is but apparently is in the movie. I'm blanking right now, but When Carbone was killed. Was he shot in the head? Hey, might he must have been he had to have been if I was anybody else, I wouldn't even know it was an off screen thing. You know, He probably wasn't shot in the head, because if you shoot a bullet at that, it's just going to bounce off and hit you in the face. Let you shoot him in the eye right yet, Right? Yeah, obviously. So, this one with Pesci as best supporting actor. It was nominated for best picture, nominated for supporting actress Lorraine Bracco was nominated for best director Scorsese best adapted screenplay and best film. Editing. So it was nominated for six at 11. It probably should have won, at least for it should have won. All of them at least. Yeah, probably should've won. Yes, him, especially in that year, and we both watched the remastered version, which I believe came out. Five years ago, four years ago. What's different? You think I guess they updated it to like four K. Scan it to four k or something. So I haven't I probably couldn't watch the original in a while, but I didn't hear you difference. So that's good. So few if you go to rent this on prime like we did. It's the same movie. There's nothing different about it. I would say that's the most memorable thing from this movie Arvin Pesci and some characters and some plot points. Is the Layla piano exit the song that place a couple times in the movie during when Carbone gets whack, and all those wagons is at the end you mentioned Leila. I would just say all of the music and how it's used in the story in general. Yes, even at the beginning ofthe is gone from rags to riches. I even like when the credits roll. They play the song my way, but I did it. My I said vicious, right? Yeah. The Sid vicious first love that little touch to it. So there's two things that I did hate in this movie. Okay, getting out of the way, Okay, goes out of the way. So the editing on Pesci's death, the cuts and OK, it didn't even sync up of them, shooting him in the head and then them cutting to his face. Yes, so that when it cuts to him falling isn't good. No, it's me that it's a good point. You did mention to me. You wash it right before I did say there's two things you didn't like. So what's the second one? The title card at the end of I think, like, what does it say in the title card at the with the thing swooping in and out that stuff the aftermath, So after he gets arrested, and then it says the aftermath on a title card They haven't done that. The entire movie. Why would we suddenly have a new but they do it with dates? Widowed 1980. You know they do with dates, but not with words. I don't need that because we know that the aftermath is coming. It's the next get that that's a Scorsese thing. So that's just in general. You don't like that. He does just fine with that. And the one thing I didn't like. And there's no rhyme or reason to. It is shortly after that aftermath stuff at the very end before the credits. He breaks the fourth wall in the courtroom, and I found that These are also something any watch you had done. The entire movie starts pocket out, You know, like in the movie basically ends here, like all right, I'll just forget about that. So those three things that I think are good points. Actually, the aftermath was not a good one. The anything with the Pesci death and then him breaking the fourth wall again. Weird, weird sort of oversights, or, you know thoughts to do that. I don't. I don't understand Why that it's the Millennium of aftermath. Eminem's record label, but again, do I actually. So maybe I should have known this. I didn't know that the song that I remember this movie for Layla Piano exit was just the outro to the world Famous Layla by Derek and the dominos, But really, by our Clapton. Eric Clapton was the singer and guitarist. I didn't know that Layla had nitro number one. But this is the outro to that song. Did you know that I had never thought of it. So the answer would be? No, I did not. And in the original version of Layla, which we all know, and love by our Clapton has this tro So Clapton was the singer and guitarist of that band, which I had no idea and, ah, the original recording of this song features slide guitar by Duane Allman, who died. He must have died like Right after the song was made son of the Allman Brothers, and that's pretty incredible. Clapton and Almond both playing guitar on the same night, I say was almond. He was an enemy of discussion. Pistachio, right pistachio discussing Guy's name. You know, that's a good question. We'll have to have the one of our one of our listeners. Let us know little turtle and then last little tidbit about the song Clapton wrote the song about his friend George Harrison's wife. So Clapton and George Harrison grew up together in England. They were good friends. George Harrison gets married to a lady named Patti Boyd Or is the Brits caught called Patti Boyd, and then they later got divorced, and Clapton married her..

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