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As crowded. So that's my favorite time to go. I used to like to go in the summertime, but I feel that, I don't know, the last two summers I've been to Puerto Rico has also been very crowded. Good for Puerto Rico, getting that tourist economy, but I feel like it's been crowded all year. For the last few years. I can not tell you. I've only been there a couple times, so rely on your knowledge here. Anything else we want to see in in Ponce. So in bonza, there is, like I mentioned in the city center, there's also, I haven't been to personally, but it's been on my list forever. You can take these boat rides to an island called gaha them muerto, which means often. Because it's like a long rectangular in shape of a coffin, but apparently it's a beautiful beach. Now you're in the Caribbean side and it's so it's definitely a fun outing and then outside a poem so if you keep on going west, that's where you'll run into la barrera, which is the area, the other bioluminescent bay that Puerto Rico has, but also very lively on the weekends, live music. Even if I found it a bit disappointing, the few times I've been to see the bio bay part, but just for the liveliness, if you want to just have fun listening to disappointing because you've been to vieques and it's not because I've been seeing it. And it's not quite as spectacular as that. It's not as quite as spectacular. So if you're going to see on both, see them in the order. Yes. But and then you have the dry forest of guanica, which is super fascinating because you go from these lush green, like it's wet, it's green and all these cokey is everything is going on and then you go to the dry forest. So guanaco, and you see is lots of cacti, dry, lots of sand, so it's super interesting that you can drive 90 minutes and you're in a completely different ecosystem. But with that also very nice beaches. There are, again, that Caribbean, blue, very calm, not very wavy, so it's definitely worth. There's one beach called Santa. That is actually very nice, especially for families to go. But again, on the weekends, get there early to reserve your spot or go on a weekday. Okay. And then if you keep on going less, you'll end up in Cabo Rojo, which for me is one of my favorite tones in Puerto Rico in terms of the beaches because you have several. You have combat beach, which is, to me, one of my all time favorite somebody had to ask me, what's your favorite beach in Puerto Rico with sequence? And but there's several others. There's called dirty beach, but it's not dirty. So I don't know if you have the salt flats of Cabo Rojo, which are these pink, salt, flats.

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