Heroic bus driver rescues toddler wandering streets alone in the cold


Episode captured on camera. Milwaukee county transit system officials say just before eight AM this was on December twenty second. I don't know why stories all popping out here, but spotted a toddler wandering alone on a freeway overpass. The child was barefoot wearing just a onesie and a diaper. Wow. Let's see the bus driver. Stop the bus ran across the street and picked up the baby girl. Oh my God. I was so upset the the driver said the baby was scared and crying baby girl was unharmed. The bus driver called authorities and the child fell asleep in her arms as authorities arrived on the scene. I couldn't believe that somebody had left the child on the street. They talked to the baby's father. He said he believes his wife who has mental illness took the baby to church just across the freeway. And then forgot about. Oh, damn. But all is. Well, all right. Sports weather traffic. I thought you might have this Bill Cristiano Rinaldo. I saw the

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