White House, Deutsche Bank, Muller discussed on CBS Weekend Roundup


Then but the reality is the tweets are huge breakthrough in american politics social media they go over the heads of the fake news channels go right to the people okay and i basically don't want him to change that i may not agree with every tweet okay but in the main those tweets i think are really david a power our full powerful weapon and he's the guy who owns that weapon there's no question larry he was speaking directly to the american people through his twitter account and if you're just look at the last week to still last seven days you've had three he made sure lies perpetrated by the mainstream media whether it's brian ross at abc news it was just driving the market down three hundred fifty points with eight ally before it is corrected in may suspend brian ross for a month without pay for these for this atrocious lie and he should have been fired then you have cnn perpetrating but you know an email a story about wikki leaks and don donald trump jr which is factually and arab uh i it is outrageous then you have a a story by many in the mainstream media about the muller team subpoenaing deutsche bank records of of donald trump's a business again a completely false narrative in the president uses his twitter to make sure that he communicates directly to the people because the establishment as you said dale like his twitter account but they don't like him as he change agent that is changing this broken status quo in washington and that's the biggest issue and that's what we talk about in the book is all of those issues and many more about what we had to do during the campaign to get him to the white house well listen his steve bannon told me a while back the swamp is gonna do everything it can do anything it can do every single day to try to stop donald trump and i think any tactics that the president can use to fight back is terrific and that's why i really unbalanced they really do like the tweets and i don't want him to stop tweeting i i do want trump to be trump on this corey take a walk out larry if you look back at what he has talked about on twitter in many thanks.

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