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Now it's time for news and comment by the colonel on front lines of freedom. First the news. Take us there, Josh. The Defense Department detailed how it plans to spend nearly $2.2 billion it recovered after canceling border wall construction projects that the Trump Administration funded with money diverted from military projects. Deputy Defense Secretary. Hicks included the plans formalizing the Pentagon's intentions to redirect the money to 66 military projects in 16 countries, 11 States and three territories. The UN obligated money the D O D was able to recover is a fraction of what had been steered toward the border wall. The bulk of the recovered money nearly $1.3 billion will go to projects at overseas bases, including more than $125 million to replace elementary schools in Germany and nearly $135 million for schools in Japan. Other overseas projects include $70 million for an air traffic control terminal at the Army's Garrison and Kwajalein, a toll part of the Marshall Islands. $66 million for upgrades to a taxiway and apron the Navy uses for P eight a Poseidon aircraft in Italy and $53 million for Navy facilities and Bahrain Island. Projects for military facilities in the territories of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands will get over $608 million. Among those projects. An aircraft maintenance hangar used by the Puerto Rico National Guard will receive $64 million And at the National Guard Readiness Center in Puerto Rico will get $50 million. The Air Force's munitions storage igloos on Guam will get $28.6 million. Stateside bases will receive almost $300 million, including funds for roads, maintenance facilities for Navy ships and peers, fire stations and a dining facility, among others. Fort Greeley in Alaska will get $10 million in funding for a missile field expansion to add two interceptors intended to stop a North Korean attack, the Office of Management and Budget said in a press release. And an Air National Guard facility in Indiana will get $9.4 million for a small arms range to improve marksmanship training. I'm glad our bases and programs will get funding. But it's beyond criminal to funded by leaving our Southern border wide open for illegals who include terrorists, drug smugglers and prostitutes. Well, Texas is going to take matters into their own hands. They plan to use that $250 million to start building their own border wall without the federal government's money or oversight. An Iranian destroyer and support vessel are now sailing in the Atlantic Ocean in a rare mission far from the Islamic Republic, Iran state TV reported without offering the vessels final destination. The trip by the new domestically built destroyer Sahan and the intelligence gathering vessel. Macron originally were thought to be headed to Venezuela to conduct an arms transfer. But have changed course several times and are now heading north off the west coast of Africa. The vessels departed from Iran southern port of Bandar Abbas, said Admiral CRE, Iran's deputy army chief. He described their mission as the Iranian navy's longest and most challenging voyage yet without elaborating. Iranian state TV released a short clip of the destroyer cruising through the Atlantic's rough seas. The video is likely shot from the Macron, a converted commercial oil tanker with a mobile launch platform for helicopters. CRE said quote The Navy is improving its seafaring capability, improving its long term durability and unfavorable sees into the Atlantic. Unfavorable weather conditions, end quote. And added that the warships would not call it any countries port during the mission. Images from Max. Our technologies appear to show seven Iranian fast attack craft typically associated with its paramilitary Revolutionary Guard on the deck of the macron. Satellite imagery suggests that it left port sometime after April 29th. It's clear that we don't know for sure where they're headed. But it is clear that Iran is becoming an even bigger threat to world peace. It's a nation that is clearly an enemy and needs to be dealt with firmly. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General, Mark Milley, told lawmakers that climate change is a serious threat facing the US one that the military must take into account. Middle East. Comments come a day after President Biden told US troops in England that top military leaders had told him about 12 years ago that global warming was the greatest threat facing America due to its effects on population movements. Increased scarcity of land capable of growing food and possible fighting over land. Fight and said, quote when I was over in the tank in the Pentagon when I was first elected vice president with President Obama, the military status down to let us know what the greatest threats facing America were. The greatest physical threats, and this is not a joke. You know what the joint Chiefs told us. The greatest threat facing America was Global warming, end quote. During the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing to discuss the Pentagon's proposed fiscal 2022 budget. Milley said that China is the top military threat facing us and Russia is a considerable great power competitor. Senator Kevin Cramer, Republican of North Dakota, asked Millie about Biden's comments about global warming being America's biggest threat. Millie replied that climate change has had a significant effect on military operations that must be considered. It is the role of the senior military leaders to speak the party line of the president. They are his subordinates. However, I'm very disappointed. The General Milley didn't step down from his position rather than repeat this nonsense..

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