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Sergei rabovsky who's been booted in the shins for the last few years for pretty average play spencer night as well. They've got aeronautic bled back joel quenneville of course behind the bench. He said he sees a little bit of you. Know the the blackhawk copiers in this panther team. Yeah terrific start for them. Edmonton is connor. Mcdavid on pace for like two hundred twelve points again. It's crazy start for him. Their power play is unreal. I think two things that are going to be key for the oilers have been terrific so far one is the play. Duncan keith now. He's not duncan keith. From twenty ten but he has been really good yeah. He's been very good for them. That helps certainly on their defense. The others are goaltending has been more than adequate. Mike smith i and then when he got banged up a bit and he'll be back later this week. Apparently mika skin it's it's been been more than adequate if they can do that in goal man at mcdavid and dry seidel there now. They got hyman. And and pull yari. As and ryan nugent hopkins. That's that's a good team carolina. I'm surprised that they got like ten or eleven new guys. I thought they were going to have a little bit of a feeling out process. Freddie anderson's been awesome and goal for them. You know so. They're they're often running in the team. That i think they're one of the better teams but it surprised me how much they've scored early as saint. Louis a write in david perron had a hat trick. The he seems to be getting better. You like saint. Louis is where he thrives right. You're right. he went away. Played elsewhere back to saint louis. It's just the place for. Yeah all right. So we go through the undefeated. Which probably won't be undefeated when you're listening to the podcast. That's fine some great stories out of the gate so now let's kick over to the not so great and we'll start with the toronto maple. Leafs who again are playing the undefeated carolina hurricanes this monday night. So perhaps that takes the maple leafs in in a different direction. The morning skate children keefe essentially changed everything. He defended nick ritchie and rightfully. So i felt in talking about okay. Everybody in the media. Want to gravitate to nick. Ritchie isn't a fit with matthew matthews minor. Finally said okay. Well you could ask the same questions..

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