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The forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center rest of the overnight mostly clear with a low around fifty six temperatures around the area sixty seven at O'Hare and midway sixty eight in Glen ellyn, sixty four along the lakefront Lake Michigan water chapter at seventy two wins out of the east Easter ten. I'm Roger badesch WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation. Whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Here's Jordan Howard. The bears. Seven twenty WGN, OB Kaz. We are presented by your Chicagoland was Indiana Chevy dealers a chevydriveschicago dot com bears. The cardinals sixteen fourteen the bears are two and one in first place in the NFC north first place in the NFC north. Now there is a quarterback away from three quarterback away from three and a one. Let's see here we text line coming in or trade Trubisky from three one to two Green Bay for a bag of practice balls and a case of spotted cow. Would we get the spotted cow? That's my question. I don't think so. But I think he could you know, maybe a solid light beer. Probably. Right. I mean, I think maybe you could get a Miller lite. No disrespect but spotted cows a premium bureau be that's a good case right there. I don't know if you're getting that. All right three one nine eight one seventy two hundred. Let's go to Tony who's been the most patient at this point. Tony, welcome WGN. Hey, great listening to you guys. I hate to. Practically doom and get all up at various. But what bothered me today was was fourteen to not the bears ran a two yard line and second and third down. They throw the stupid pass the second touchdown. Of course, they ran the ball with our and he scored so why didn't they run the ball with Howard when they were down fourteen and a two yard line explained that to be fair question because he he wants to go opposite. And that's part of growing up as a head football coach in the National Football League. He's trying to be that cutesy fancy offensive guru instead of saying sometimes you're down there just smash mouth in and get a touchdown. That's up. It's pretty simple. I mean, it was asking you obey. I mean is there any rationale for this? You know, shiny objects offensive game plan of ours to refuse to do. What's logical and hand it to your best player on offense and let him score. Well, Tony what happened? What it goes a little bit beyond that? We go out there. And I said we played probably the worst team in the National Football League offensively. They're dead. Bottom eaters. Every statistic there on the bottom, and we struggle and get the lucky break calls from the referees. And it's the same thing. You just watch. When Trubisky throws the ball just watch where it goes. The guy has the most difficult difficult time with accuracy. And what Dan said all this guy would his trickery his his lineups. He had four out wide in a diamond lineup. And he throws the pass to the guy and the outside, and he was covered this. I'm sorry, folks. I you sit there and you're trying to be negative about this. But how? When you score four touchdowns in three games. Excuse me with a quarterback that you gave up everything I'm planning to do. And for absolutely no reason, there's a million more things I could say, but the only good thing I could say we won the game. But the rest of it if you're sought it was not good. Not good is not good enough. When you play a quality team or a good team. And like I said next week we got Tampa Bay and laugh if you want they went in and beat New Orleans, and then they beat the defending Super Bowl champions at home. I got to play Pittsburgh tomorrow night. We'll we'll find out more about it. But here's one other thing. And we're going to get back to the callers, please hold on part of this offense, and the and its ineffectiveness is the RPO we all here. RPO RPO. Everybody goes on the run pass option. Okay. That's that means a quarterback has the option of handing it off. To the back taking it and running himself are being able to pull it out. And then raise up and hit somebody on a slant on it. There's a triple option there, and we refuse we refuse to do anything other than run it and headed off to the Divac, which is Jordan Howard. But what do you do that? You've got two guys that are not involved in blocking and do the math. That's what what seven guys balking instead of nine when he kept a quarterback in the running back. So at the end of the day all this little RPO Bs is doing is keeping our offense stride and out of balance. So said the last several years we've had a defense that you can win a Super Bowl with. Okay. A defense that you could win every year is basically offense that's gone on offense. We know he at the throw the ball. We know we have to get a quarterback. It's year after year. We Cutler we bring this guy and that guy, and we have Mike Glennon last year eighteen and a half million for one year guaranteed. He couldn't hit up. He he couldn't get anything. Okay. A year they go out to fix this offense new cultures new head coaches new coordinator's office and look at us year after year after year, we look like fools out there defensively, we looked like champs. So they actually have and the defense has been fine. The last couple, but now they have an impact championship defense. And you've got a second year quarterback in the first year head coach, I I'm curious from what you've seen so far you're sitting here with the first base first place team. Now, it's three weeks in we have a light years to go. But like, how do you if you're the bears go forward with what you've seen from Mitchell Trubisky? So far are you going to let him actually grow and having? Throw the football thirty thirty five times a game. Or are you going to sit there and try to run it and be as conservative as possible and just try to win their right ready being conservative as possible and managing around their quarterback. Tire draft to get a quarterback the hand the damn football off. Let's be realistic about this. We got we tried everything to get a quarterback that's a legitimate passer in this league. Because that's how you win. But he's not done for two years. But it doesn't matter. What you do? Now. You gotta go forward. What you did? And and they're trying to win. So their game plan is we're going to try to win while hiding the quarterbacks right fishing much. And you know, what he there has to be a way to break through and you teach him how to go to the next level because he's regressing say it is what it is. He's regressing. Let's get back to the calls. Three one nine eight one. Seventy two hundred is the phone number here. Let's Jason in Florida. Thank you for calling will be with Gaza and seven twenty WGN. Go ahead. Jason. Hey, what's up guys talk to you? I'm trying to figure out negative flossy here. It looked like he was trying to run to set up the past there in the beginning of this game. And it did. Okay. But they're not learn the right of formations to do that with ever seen one. I formation in the last three games mean they came out of the first play the game. Green Bay read a t formation and they're just not doing. I can't figure out his philosophy. Fangio's coverage schemes are like porous at times. It's got the Russian. We got McIntyre because we'd be getting just take the part wasn't for that rush. Right. Okay. I'll tell you. Right. Quick might my sister-in-law in or second. Love is you give a shot out more similar serenaded embarrassed her, but you're her second love of her life, the checks in the mail. Thanks, pal. Hey, you know. And here's the other thing everybody. I'm at a golf tournament. Oh, wow. This defense is like the eighty five we want him to demolish people. But let me tell you something the reality is that that inbred offense cardinals was driving. Honestly, only reason we got him stopped. We're four turnovers three of those were just a magnificent individual efforts. But I mean, we weren't stopping him. I mean think about it. I mean those interceptions came down coast to the red zone. Passer penalties. Well that was their defense. I've just saying, but who can cook the officials helped us for offense to get their measly one touchdown and on defense three individual place where we stripped the ball and those too early pigs. They were the difference in the ballgame. Thank goodness. We had players that were able to make that Jackson Jackson hasn't really flashed the first two games. That was a big league interception. It was ninety percent of their safeties. Don't make that play. I'm telling you. He's a keep. Yeah. He's a good on three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred I want to get back to what you were saying about Trubisky OB in a second. But first, let's let us serve Jeffrey in Des Moines wants to talk about Leonard Floyd. Go ahead. Jeffrey. Yeah. Forget that pace traded up into the top ten to draft Leonard Floyd. And I was.

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