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Q. View what's going on now much. How are you Quinn good good? I'm getting excited another thing real quick. We're going to jump right into this review but something we haven't done in a while is shutouts to our sponsors so I know it's been a while so I was wondering you know who do you. Who Do you WANNA give some? Thanks to in honor of today and what we're reviewing I wanted to Suppress out shot out. Mickey D's Mickey tried and True Nice I had dinner with At some Mickey D's this weekend so with Ronald McDonald with Ronnie himself was Do not win anything. Did you get nuggets or your tribe tried and true what is double quarter pounder with cheese. Yes okay that is that is the sandwich the best in their big Mac guy but we can talk about that later. What do we I mean? Beginning sponsors on my sponsors There's this water bottle from fake Haider's Hydros a company called Hydro Cell. How it looks the same in it. Exhibition cheaper his half the price in case you're curious and it seems to get the job done and what are you really a visco girl. If it's not a I- flask I guess not being poured other people I don't know it's it's wearing down a little bit but I don't know it's just the water bottle. Yeah what are we talking about today grant today we are talking about MC millions We won't blow didn't we already talked about MC millions. You're right Quinn. We did talk about me. Millions we've talked about make millions. The season Premiere Series Premiere to and the only one. Because it's only gonNA be one season but as the documentary miniseries about McDonald's and monopoly monopoly. Game Scam that occurred between nineteen eighty nine two thousand one by the FBI investigation surrounding that. So the way we split it up is I think it was. It was a few weeks ago. We put out our first big millions episode where we just talked about our general thoughts of the series. We had just seen one episode and we have been keeping up with it. In fact one of the fifth came out today but We watched two three and four and we are here now to discuss them with our fans and our audience That's right third little bit on the longer side. Maybe that's how all these Docu series works notice so it's about fifty fifty five minutes a piece. You're a three hour movie like we usually do accepting Docu series for. Yeah really quickly To kind of review. What each episodes about episode two they were talking about instead of Jerry Star talking about a different jerry named Jerry Jacobson. Who is part of the Colombo? Mafia Jerry Jacobson is the is the He is Jerry. He's not yes. Oh Four. Copyright Jerry Colombo stick you are now Columbus. The of course. Yeah Colombo family Jerry Jacobson is the former cop working for security so this was the first time you got to see the other Jerry Jerry Colombo in play And they were interviewing his ex wife I guess is widow. We don't Seething about that Yeah you know that I Episode three was more of that Except what we just said it. Kinda ended with a car crash And then I thought episode forward a great episode two and three hours like this is all right so four hours like Dang are straight to the action. We got that car crash. You understand so Jerry Colombo the other Jerry and play not on. Jerry was killed in a car crash while his wife and his son were in the car and his son was like two or three And you Kinda saw. I don't know what it did to all the families and Yeah that's how it started a lot of action and then it went into kind of All these different recruiters that uncle Jerry was working with in order to basically sell the winning tickets to people that weren't to claim them. Yeah like they were massively connected to these pieces. I mean they just had more pieces than I guess Jerry knew what to do with so the whole the hardest part is just finding people. Yeah to to turn these tickets. That don't have any family relations to them. It was interesting that you said you said your favorite episode was episode four explicit note. I was like Episodes a little weak compared to the previous to really and I don't. I know maybe I always a little tired I. I was impressed that they were. Did you watch all three ones? No no no no. I know I was impressed. The got to talk to pretty much everybody involved in the story. I mean they would listen to the person and then they reference the person that that person talk to and then they would go into an interview with that person and everyone's all old and Milad of time has gone by management like twenty over twenty years since the event a lot of stuff was taking. Play out over twenty. Yeah it's like thirty years. Since the event started twenty plus from like exact dates you know when people were being wrapped in was it was. It was happening like you know mid nineties if you think about it that's when Jersey Italia the Jersey Italian families were at their peak eighties and nineties. Also I mean maybe they'll rat Like answer these questions by the last two episodes but nobody seems to be in jail for anything. Oh yeah they're not maybe they're excluding that information. It would seem like some of these people were pretty deep into the the scam and they're just talking to them as free citizens. Yeah they all seemed to not be in any trouble at all and it could be enough. Time has passed that especially with some of the people They could have easily just gone to jail or or gotten a slap on the wrist because they didn't know that it was a scam and there's any illegal activity going on more you know. I can't imagine uncle Jerry's going to be the one with the most. Are you. Think the interview him in the last episode. Yeah I think I'm hoping I feel like that's what they're leading up to. I think I don't know they don't have to and it would be fine if they didn't but he'll say well here's how it was done. Also what happens to that money because some of these people that are talking they were like the million dollar winners and when you win the million dollars you don't get a million dollars lump sum you get fifty thousand dollars for the next twenty years you know woo-hoo at some point they figured out. Hey this is definitely a scam. This person ought to jail when they figured it out. Probably cancel the payments. I duNNo. I'm sure they'll hopefully the you know talk about that. A lot of clouds grants I think the reason why episode four so much it was. You could see a humanized everyone. It was such a good episode like you. You could see how the death affected People differently so you could see the Jerry Colombo's y you know his widow. You could see how she told the story versus Jerry Colombo's brother and and his wife and then you could see How economy made you first. They set it up in such a way that it was so fun for the FBI. Like this is cool. It's exciting you're the guy from the FBI. What's his name? Doug Matthews Way Doug Matthew appearance. Yeah but they set it up in such a way that you're excited you're like oh man we're going to catch him and the end. There's so much deceit in in the first one. But you're so on board with it because you know these people are scamming on like their scammers. Cheating the game and then by episode four. You're really like sympathizing with all your like dude. A lot of these people I mean anyone could fall into. Potentially it's not that your line worker. Just looking cute in Jerry Colombo just was like hey. Why don't you roll with me for a bit that I mean it's I don't know I just I that's why I liked it so much. So were you frustrated or a little bit angry at the at the Pope ohs when they're I mean they're doing a couple of things first of all Doug Matthews. These making people doing ridiculous it. He's like yeah. Then point to your star and say like thanks a million or whatever because there videotaping all these different people to explain why it wasn't.

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