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To Canada yet we do shift accuser. Hubei seventy five dollars stuff. We'll ship it there for free. Wow that was weird. Let's see let's go wash your face books and I will sign and today all right Rachel now adding two hundred more grow wash. Your face signed books near sites in real time. He's going to sign them. Turn or adding them right now in real all time. I'm going to sign them today. So if you WANNA grab a grocer facebook give it a just a few minutes. We're going to put a bunch more up and I will go in and I will sign. Aw the things feels like. QBC y'all y'all the coral one's almost sold out the coral coral the wet coral coral all Greg Palace Khalil Raad. Yeah great job. I just. It's into not the events team the people in Canada who are interested in the terrorist tickets. I've have given the thumbs up on releasing those terrorists tickets. There will be about two hundred. Fifty additional terraced. Tickets released four Toronto some excited. What about that just ordered a journal hat and Jerusalem Some of the water bottles are sold out guys. So if you're if something can we we just put right now to tell them that is something sold out and actually needs to be listed out so people don't get confused. Thank you so much for your patience as we figure this out. We've never had a cyber Monday. It's so just if you're just joining us right now it's our first ever cyber Monday promotion. Recall any Hollis days if you have wanted a surtee journal or start today journal has been something that has really been a great influence in your life of would you consider given it as a holiday gift. 'cause they're only ninety nine today only for twenty four hours nine hundred nine today only stock up give gifts all year long. Our Hope Start today is that we give everybody but especially women that opportunity first thing in the morning to practice gratitude and set their intentional goal. Also like I said if it's been something that's been helpful for you get him as teachers gifts given to your friends. Other Mamas Willing nine ninety nine Debbie I see. Are you coming on coaching. Let's go. I'm excited about that too. Thank you thanks. Her journals ordered Savannah flirting thinking. Jen for oreos candice. There is a discount on on coaching. Today check it out on the site. You want to tickets for London. Awesome finds you more people in one of those tickets.

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