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You a little bit about a bond Cason family physician transpersonal psychotherapist retired there and one of the world's leading experts in near death studies and spirituality transformative experiences Dr case and has more than forty years of research and clinical experience studying N. D. ease and those who have have them having had five in dis herself my gosh Yvonne is not one of the world's leading experts on the phenomenon president of the international association for near death studies Dr case and is currently the president of I. ends and the international association for near death studies Yvonne welcome to the program looking forward to this thank you thank you for having me do you know Raymond moody by any chance yes of course coined the phrase near death experiences he's one of a kind is any I was with him a couple weeks ago and he just he's marvelous when it comes to the subject he knows like the back of his hand well I guess he said after all these years you had five near death experiences that is correct over what spam well I had to I now realize I had to when I was a child when when I was five years old and another one that I was when I was eleven I didn't realize that most of my life because you know with the kids you don't have any way to judge something as normal or paranormal it's just what I experience so most of my life I didn't realize I'd had near death experiences as a child but I then went on and had three in my adult life one back in nineteen seventy nine when I was a young a medical doctor actually doing a medevac in an airplane in the plane crash G. and then that got me interested in the phenomenon and then I either way I look at it the good lord wanted me to be real clear what my medical specialty was going to be and so gave me another near death experience in nineteen ninety five in another near miss plane incident believe it or not and then my most recent near death experience was in two thousand and three when I slipped and fell and had a very serious head injury and died for a short period of time do you like a cat how many more do you have left I don't know the good lord keeps sending me back I guess I have more work to do on the planet or something yes we don't give you a such bad memories could you kind of take us through this medevac plane crash you had the seventy nine I'm always curious what it's like being in a plane or something that's going down so kind of describe it well you know I'll tell you I was in nineteen seventy nine I was a young medical doctor I was that doing my medical residency and I was working in northern Ontario in a small little remote community called Sioux lookout and I was assigned that day on a medevac plane to fly with the critically ill I needed Indian woman because this particular location we tend we looked after a lot of native communities in northern Ontario Canada and it was a small twin engine propeller aircraft called the paper adds tech that we were using it wasn't any fans and those are pretty reliable planes one thank they they're supposed to be very reliable in anyway so that the pilot myself the patient in there with the nurses well in this tiny plane and we were flying the patient from there to Winnipeg because she was critically ill and she needed the intensive care facilities that were available at a larger hospital so this was in the middle of winter in Canada northern Canada March twenty seventh nineteen seventy nine and on the plane took off and it's a very small planes so with the four of us in the plane the plane would fall like that's how small the plane was I was tending to the patient she was intubated which meant that she had a tube down her airway and I was squeezing this bag called an Ambu bag to give her I regular bursts of oxygen into her lungs in the air inter longs to breed and the nurse was tending to her ID she had a couple of ideas going and as the plane was flying it's a twin engine propeller planes so if you've ever been in a propeller plane you know it's real the engines are really loud and noisy every time they slow down or speed up you can hear their holiday right that's right it really loud noise of the propellers so I wasn't really paying so much attention outside the plane I was focusing on the patient I was looking after anyway we're flying and it turns out we.

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