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The New York Times called one of the great place in history by NPR two time EMMY award winner, Jeff Daniels from the newsroom and dumb and dumber. That's how I definitely he's stars live on stages. Atticus Finch variety said it's one of the greatest stage successes of this or any Broadway season has not played to a single empty seat. My daughter. My wife are going to be New York City this spring. I can't get tickets. I have to ask Aaron Sorkin do like, hey, remember, we did that podcast could have tickets to co Mockingbird winner. Broadway's hottest tickets in a longtime. Yeah, it's tough to get over the next few weeks, but good seats are available directly from the show's website for performances beginning this June. So if you want to go over the summer, go to the show's official website address to kill a Mockingbird. Broadway dot com. I think when we when we talk about. When we talk about the NBA sometimes, and especially with the NBA, I noticed this when I was doing my book. And now these last ten years now that there's been another talent explosion. And you kind of look back at you talk about that two thousand two thousand three stretch. There was another really bad stretch. I think in the mid two thousands were the league kind of ebbs and flows with the talent for whatever reason. And like that Milwaukee team. It was Ray Allen big dog Glen Robinson Sam sell those. That was like they're kind of big three. Not really that. Great. That team really should have made the finals in two thousand one they won fifty. There was suceed when fifty two games. Yeah. And again, that's that Sixers team. That's one of the great stern might have don't know if he fixed it. But definitely the referees were instructed to call certain things certain ways serious Phillies shot I think like ninety more free throws in that series, the Milwaukee. So the like that eighty five seven seven game series yet. Like, I I remember being excited about these teams. And now when I think about the depth, and sometimes this is kind of being caught up not in the moment. So it's Ray Casella and Tim Thomas was on that team. Right. But you know, whatever Lindsey hunter. But think about the oath three finals Johnson oath refines, the Spurs beat the nets Spurs Dunkin's. They're only like hall of Famer on BA guy the team Steven Jackson, really on Parker. Really? Oh manu. And a broken down. David robinson. And then a beating the nets who had J kid. Kittles Kenyon, Martin Richard Jefferson, Todd McCullough like that the teams I just think that teams dour so have Sumati about how that team on paper. And I don't like doing the time traveling thing too much because I still think there's just a three point part of it where you go. I can't imagine. What guys if if you did the time she and Optima game, they wouldn't go like what? But if you just looked at from like a talent on paper, and you put that team in the east today. And that's the thing that I kinda like about this year's the whole season. Is that the top teams in the east are are awesome? But I think these teams all really good hop for three and a half maybe top four. And then it's really a shame ole depot got her because I really think that I think we would add a top five still counting the Celtics. Yeah. Why not how long did it take cow to the Celtics? Now, I wanna talk about Celtics. Good. I what did you learn from the Philly? Milwaukee gay Misra. Great question. I here's the my number one lesson you'll go. I know I just I'm just this is gonna be in your top three. No, just kidding go. I think I bow bragged is just really good. And I'm shocked by how much they miss him in a game. Like that. Would you learn? Two things. I keep watching Philly trying to figure out how they're going to figure it out. And what I've realized is this is what it's going to be. She's everage is going to be right in our. No, that's kind of the point yesterday was clearly let's get Butler going, right? And what was really good against Sacramento? So he's had a good week and his overall numbers if you just looked at his numbers you go..

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